The Sustainable Baan Citta House in Bangkok, Thailand

Most of the people are dreaming to have a contemporary house that is best for vacation. A house that .may be considered as a perfect place where you can sit down and relax most especially during the time when you want to unwind and feel free from pressures from work. That is why today we will be presenting you one of the best house designs in Bangkok Thailand. This house has a lot of features that you may really love. This is called as Baan Citta and designed by the XSS.

Well, it is said that the designers pursued to remake the mythical paradise of Shambala which is intended for the clients in the entire globe. This is surrounded by beautiful gardens, landscapes, perfect scenario of the lake and the sustainable utility systems. With that the homeowner would surely feel that they are living in a not so perfect paradise. It is said that the owners considered this house for their vacation.

With amazing features of this house, the homeowner was able to escape from a busy schedule in the office. The features undeniably connect the homeowners to the nature. They can experience real peace and improve their spiritual and physical security. The different kinds of forms, space and objects in the interior is highlighted in this house. It has a minimalistic design and the natural beauty that surrounded the space of this house is one of the best factor to consider this design. Now let us check the images of the interior and exterior of this Sustainable Baan Citta house below.

Baan Citta

Just take a simple glance at this house you may say that lighting elements used here is perfect to provide a great and peaceful ambience.

Sustainable home design

At night when the homeowner chooses to stay in this pool area, he can also enjoy the lake view.

Thailand home design

For the interior like this, the designer used the white palette so that the furniture used here will stand out.

Living Room

Relaxing and unwinding in this area will be possible because you can sit down religiously in the living area while enjoying the site of this swimming pool.

Dining Area

Here is a very simple yet elegant table set in the dining area where the members of the family will enjoy the food and the story of every member of the family.

Dining set

The kitchen area is located just beside the dining area where the homeowner can prepare the food and have fun with the simple fixtures used by the designer.


In the kitchen, the designer used the dark brown wooden table to place her utensils and other kitchen wares while cooking.

Kitchen countertop

As you can see the kitchen area can also see the swimming pool because of the glassed walls.


In this bedroom, you can see that the space is wide enough to allow the fresh air to come inside while resting in this comfortable bed.

guest bedroom

This twin bedroom is enough for the kids who doesn’t want to sleep alone in the room.

Entertainment Room

You may notice the amazing wall design in this entertainment room that perfectly match the color of the pillows in the sofa.

lounge area

In the exterior this is best to provide this kind of bench so that they can freely enjoy the heat of the sun while laying on it.


Here is the large bathroom, and you may notice the natural light that can enter the room because of the glassed windows and walls created here.

Bathroom design

The white smooth sink is enough to contrast with the dark brown cabinet in the center of this bathroom.

Baan Citta

In the morning or in the middle of the afternoon, this poolside area will surely complete the excellent features of this house.

This Baan Citta house has a large floor to ceiling windows that surrounded the entire home. This allows the natural light to freely enter the interiors of the house every morning. With that these can eliminate the need for artificial light in the house. xAt the same time it can also provide the coolness from the lakeside breezes as it also eliminates the need for constant air conditioning. In this way, this possibly brings out the connection from the nature closely to the members of the family.

Also we can say that the designer applies the amazing visual arts in this house. It definitely brings out the fun and optimistic elements to the home. As the designer utilized the colourful paints in the walls and excellent furniture that will really display the luxurious and sustainable system built in the house. Definitely as whole we can say that the design of this house is successfully recreated by the XSS. So when you are planning to redesign your house, the design of this house may be useful for you, right?