Astounding Luxurious Villa Amanzi in Phuket, Thailand

The heat is on because summer is now coming our way. Usually we find ourselves in front of the computer looking for a great place to spend our vacation. Most of the time people from US or from UK tend to travel in Asia. One of the countries in Asia that is most visited is Thailand. Maybe you will say that the place is boring but I will tell you that there’s a lot to see in Thailand. One of this is the largest island in Thailand which is popularly known as Phuket.

Phuket is one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations. The reasons why you will truly be fascinated in the beauty of Thailand are the adventurous activities such as snorkeling and diving. Not to forget the splendid villa on the seafront located at the Kamala beach which is the Amanzi Villa. The land area has 2, 644 square meters while the house has 800 square meters. The treasured images of the Andaman Sea and the tropical environment bring you heavenly peaceful feelings.

It seems like a nest placed on the edge of a cliff. The structural design of the Villa Amanzi is closed to the natural world. You will see a lot of open rooms and the limitless gardens and terraces. Besides the never-ending pool, the spa room also increased the advantage of staying here. Do you agree that it will heal the worries and troubled minds of the visitors who will come here? Why don’t you take a look at the pictures below to see the feature that waits for you in Villa Amanzi?

Aerial View

Nested in the cliff creating an outstanding look over the cool blue Andaman Sea.

Fronted House

The openness of the house highlights the vibrant motivation of the location that encourage the feeling of solidity.

Infinity Pool

The crucial components of this are the spectacular rock that complements the elegance of the infinity pool.

Villa Amanzi

The tropical plants and proportions perfectly redirected the sight to the blue sky and sea in the morning.

Living Room

The intimate look of the living room illuminated during nighttime with the help of the never-ending pool.

Thailand home design

As you can see the living room and the bedroom lie between the rocks and the wing that run into the perpendicular, vertically mounting from the slope.

Villa Amanzi

The excellent quality of the furniture combines with the natural beauty and the distinctiveness of the house.

Villa Amanzi Sketch Original Vision which is a design studio based in Hongkong and Phuket that specializes in leisure architecture. The private villa is said to be successfully built into the rock that became a special part of the interior design. At the same time, because of its rare location the outstanding view of the sea seen through its glass walls is fully accomplished. Now are you ready to book a flight way down to the exquisite location of Villa Amanzi? What are you waiting for?