The Me Too House in Valencia, Spain

A modern residence designed this year 2013 is going to be our house for the day. This is a residential house located in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. It possessed a minimal and modest exterior with a more lavish and spacious interior. The house building is composed of four interconnected volumes and each of this volumes comprised different heights. Well, this is called Me Too House. Its incredible volumes are articulated in order to generate a huge private garden which is open for the sunlight and surrounding views to be perceived in the interior. The gray concrete and the steel columns are considered to be the main material used in developing the entire house.

Specifically, the designer made use of this gray concrete together with zinc panels and glass walls with anodized aluminum frames. The designer decided to have a half story intervals of the volumes to be able to acknowledge the adaptation of the natural slope of the area. The designer also aimed to portray a silent and simple house but can still display luxury in the interior. To be able to access the two volume of the house it opens to the north by a concrete canopy that may function as the outside parking. While on the south, you may see the lobby and the library on the top floor. Now let’s explore more of the luxurious images of the interior and exterior of this incredible Me Too House below.

Me Too House

A cantilevered volume is shown in this building design through the entrance of this house.

Spain home design

Here is the spacious exterior of the house with the vast green plants and grass in the surroundings.


You may take a look at the lap pool installed in this vast garden where the client can find comfort and a stress free zone.

Living Area

This living space may be simple but you can see how the designer displayed some paintings that will make this space more attractive.

Living room

The beautiful views in the exterior can still be seen with the glass walls.

Interior 1

We can say that this interior has really a great work of art.

Dining Space

Stairs play the most important role in connecting the different parts of this house.


High quality and latest type of fixtures are used in the kitchen to provide a more convenient time for the homeowner to do his activities here.


This wooden stair seems to invite the guests to explore the second level of the house.

minimal Bedroom

White paint is used in the interior together with the furniture and mattresses here that made this look clean and comfortable.


The designer used modern fixture and LED lights to underline the concept of this bathroom.


The natural light can freely enter the bathroom from the skylight.

lawn area

The lighting utilized in the buildings are very effective to make this house stands out in the night.

indoor lighting

In the exterior, the designer chooses to install some LEDs to highlight the geometrical volume of the house design.

Me Too House

Here is a small lap swimming pool that may be a great feature of the house.

The designer said that this house is divided into day and night area. The day area is divided into 2 volumes with one story each; one for the kitchen, service area and living room. Also the bathroom is located in a two-story volume with the top floor for the parents and that in the ground floor for the children. Another feature of this house is the cross ventilation system that is capable of eliminating the artificial air conditioning which is normally used especially during summer.

For the lighting system, the designer used the artificial ceiling piece that can hide the curtains and generate the linear lighting strips with LEDs and the glass walls as well. With the unique elements used by the designer in making this house we can say that the goal and plan for this house was successfully achieved by the LADAA. We hope that once again we were able give you another home design inspiration.