The Sophisticated Interior in the Micheli House in Florence, Italy

Italian Architect Simoni Micheli designed a home for his own family that is situated in Florence, Italy. This is our featured house for today. So as we explore the different parts of the house, we can see that this house has so much special features to offer. This is said to be like a metropolitan refuge which is made up of light where the ancient and contemporary concept design is interrelated with each other through its colors, surfaces enhancement, and the lighting design. This house has open plan layout with three levels. The overall height of the house was utilized to create intermediate floors, solids and voids, and bedrooms.

Moreover, in the interior, the living room, dining room and kitchen are located in the same level. Micheli’s ideas in completing this house were realized in a way that he will combine the spaces to be able to share the actions and functions. Also the bathroom and the guest room are found in the main ground floor. All the important rooms are secured in different levels. Why don’t we check the images of this sophisticated Micheli House below to explore more of the interior and its exterior as well.

Micheli House

The vivid lights successfully sophisticate the interior of this Micheli House

Sophisticated Interior design

The geometric shapes of the shelves and furniture made this contemporary living room unique.

Italy home design

The lines and texture of this wooden table jives with the lines seen in the floor of the dining area.

dining set

Looking closely at the dining space where the touch of orange palette in the wall adds more elegance in the interior.

green bookshelf

The white concept of the interior as well as the vivid lights installed effectively display a more comfortable space to stay in.

pen light design

Even in the kitchen the consistent smoothness of the texture of the furniture and incredible lights are seen.


A touch of green shade in the stairs creates a cool effect in this it.

railing pattern design

Intricate railings seemingly give a Victorian touch to this area.


The addition of the soft covers give a lighter touch to this modern bedroom.

floating mirror

The huge mirror in this bedroom plays the most important role in highlighting the texture design of this wall.


The space may be limited in this room that is why the designer made sure to build a huge cabinet to accommodate their important things.

rough wall design

The LED lights here highlighted the astounding design and style in this entrance.

bathroom design

The glass material combined with the white and smooth fixture is efficient to provide a comfortable bathroom.

stylish interior

The designer’s choice of furniture and lights are very effective to show a more trendy and stylish interior.

Micheli House

Here is the re-assembled door that displays an artistic and creative style of the designer.

Even the furniture and the furnishings in the interior are designed by Simone Micheli. Also the original wooden door here was dismantled and re-assembled to an armored door while on the opposite side of this door is decorated with a laser cut quote over the mirror back panel. A terrace is built in the outdoor living room where he secures a barbecue area, a kitchen with a gas stove and single tank sink. The outdoor area is shaded by a retractable blind on a carbon fiber and a stainless steel structure. The outdoor seating collection is made of woven plastic with four cockpit chairs, cushions and table. This house has a boiler, the HVAC machine and the boiler’s water storage. Now we hope that once again you have learned great new ideas for you to apply in your dream house.