Romantic Vivienda 4 House in Madrid

Most of the designers highlighted the green trees and plants in the right area where they can build their dream houses. This time you will be amazed of this contemporary residence that is overlooking the beautiful nature. When we take a look at the exterior part of this house, you will observe that it is made up of a wooden-clad structure and fascinating shapes. It is surrounded by green plants and the courtyards are showered with vivacious grass, trees and shrubs. You can also see the concrete pathways and patios that show different statues.

Looking at its modernized interior design you will notice that its design is in black, white and brown. Its decorative style is called eclectic with the wall art, decals, sculptures, statues, attractive lightings and furniture. Certainly, you will truly be astonished by the great ambience of the main living room. Yet the designers achieved the clean finishes, good materials and exclusive materials that they can be proud of.

This 800 square meter house area has a romantic impression. The landscape in its exterior and the cozy interior spotted the excellent qualities of its design. The shapes, colors and its lines merged with its green plants are the reason why it is unique from the others. Well I am pretty sure that you are excited to see the pictures of the Vivienda 4 House below. You may now scroll down to see the different areas of this house.

Fronted House

As the sun sets, the exterior area the house stands out in the middle of these green grasses.

Vivienda House

You will even see the well-trimmed bushes and trees in the pathways.

Romantic home design

While in the morning, you will see the marbled walls and floors of the house.

Madrid home design

The marble travertino are perfectly arranged in the walls of this Vivienda House.

Exterior Pathway

Here is the well-designed pathway of the house.

Living Room

The furniture and the paintings suits well to home’s interior design.

Living Room design

These lights and the different paintings in the wall creates contrast with the dark color of the sofa.

Dining Room

The first rate dining tables and chairs matches the portraits and vases inside.


The candle lights improve the romantic effect of this area.


The classy fixtures added beauty to the design concept of the house.

Vivienda House

One can get a good view of the pool from the living room through a huge glassed area.


The color of the stairs jive with the color of the walls and ceilings.


In this bedroom, you can straightly see the panoramic view from the exterior part of the house.

Swimming Pool

When the sun sets the swimming pool is well lighted in the outside. You can clearly see the furniture in the inside through its glazed wall and windows.

Pool lighting

Even at night this cool swimming pool seems to invite the people to swim and enjoy its soothing water.

This Vivienda 4 House was designed by the Spanish Architectural firm named A-cero. They say that the original idea of this house is to incorporate it in a residential area of its natural environment.

Thus we can say that this house is not just an eco-friendly house but a romantic house to live in. The designer’s careful planning and wits are seen in this Vivienda 4 House. They are competitive enough to show their talent in the world. Yet for sure many will ask for their help in designing their dream house. Also hope this article can help you in drafting your future dream house that will suit to your mood and place as well.