The River House: A Tranquil Modern Home in Washington

Who would not love to live in a place near the waters? Well, living near the ocean is indeed serene but a similar feeling can also be acquired when you have a house near the river. From the name itself, you will know that the house we will feature today is definitely near a river. The River House is located along the Columbia River in Washington. It is a weekend retreat home where the family can spend quality time together away from the noise of the city. From the home’s location, they can get a good view of the river which brings in tranquility to the home. The design of the house has a strong connection to its environment as it is surrounded by fresh greenery.

The interior of the house also brought in the beauty of the environment. It uses warm earth colors giving the home a cozy feel. With its high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, the house felt a lot more spacious allowing them ease of access. Two different styles were combined in the interior, the rustic and the elegant style. Can you imagine their fusion? Well, you don’t have to because you will be able to see images of the River House below:

McClellan Architects

This is no doubt a beautiful retreat home! Its sleek lines show that modern look making it shine in the middle of the trees.

Columbia River in Washington

The rear of the house has this beautiful landscaping. It is indeed good to allocate some space for outdoor activities. It is like giving your house a space to breath.

The River House

The landscape of the house is simple yet lovely. You can see here a detached garage whose design adapts that of the main house.


Wooden panels were used for the exterior and it looks extremely gorgeous!

home Design

Isn’t this a paradise? The home is indeed a home away from home! Just look at all the greens around it!


The outdoor area of the house was used well by adding an outdoor kitchen and a lounge area for the pool.

exterior design

You can get a closer look of the railings here using a combination of wood and steel.

Living room

Tall glass windows and clerestory windows were used to allow more light to get into the house. This living area is well-designed in warm tones and a comfy sofa.

Dining area

A stoned accent wall is added for the fireplace where you can also find a television and wall art installed on it.


The kitchen has marble countertops which looked pretty with wood.


The bathroom is simple but it is surrounded with glass all around it!

The River House

This has to be the pool that we have seen in some other views of the house above.

With nature around it, this home is indeed perfect for a family’s weekend retreat. We are sure they are all looking forward for the weekend because this place is such a paradise. It looks even more beautiful when fall comes and the surroundings seemingly changes it garments with lovely autumn colors all around! This modern home is designed by McClellan Architects who made sure that they could provide the needs of the family for the home as well as keeping in mind its aesthetics and function.