The Traditional Architecture of Bahia House in Salvador, Brazil

To keep the cool temperature in the hot Brazilian climate, this eco-friendly house was made by the Studio MK27. It is situated in Salvador, Brazil with the site are of 2165 square meters and 690 square meters house area. Later on this house named as the Bahia House. The designer utilized the traditional techniques and materials in this project. They didn’t use the latest technology or devices to optimize the electric expenditure. The traditional architecture was applied in this project from the floor plan to the materials used in building this residence. The old popular knowledge in the Brazilian Architecture was re-invented. So what is really considered in this house is the location and the climate as well.

Thus, there is no “green” software used, nor equipment and calculation made. The builders of this Bahian traditional house have long-known how to keep the interiors look calm even with a blazing sun of more than 40°C. The clay was used for the roofs, as well as the banal materials made in a rustic manner and the wooden ceilings. Its openings has a large panel which is made up of wooden Mashrabiyas brought to Brazil by the Portuguese colonial architecture since the first centuries of its occupation of the American territories and its origin is of an Arabian cultural influence. These wooden panels are capable of providing a great comfort to the interior.

Moreover, this traditional design uses the northeastern wind blowing in the sea to organize the floor plan. Also it has a cross ventilation in its principal spaces which maintains the coolness and the fresh air in the interior. All the functions are based on the common traditional Brazilian houses. The adjustments of the Portuguesse house to tropical climate were always studied and applied by the modernism in Brazil. The interior was designed to protect the indoors from the hot and sunny climate outdoors which is a very pleasant house result. Now are you ready to see the interior and exterior of this Bahian House?

Bahia House

Let’s take a glimpse of this dining area that glitters in this because of its vivid lights all over the place.

Traditional Architecture design

This living area may certainly offer a great place to relax and unwind from the busy life at work.

Brazil home design

In the morning, the sunlight can freely give access to the interior of this house because of its open layout design.

Patio design

Look how neat and clean this area is to make it a perfect place to settle down and feel the beauty of nature.

Living Area

See the incredible lines and colors displayed in this area that jives with the high rated materials of the furniture.

mosaic ceiling design

The different volumes, shapes and colors of the walls and ceilings sum up to the elegance of this living area.

Dining Room

Another sight of this spacious dining area is presented here where you can see the first rate table set and the amazing chandelier above it.

open dining area

From this area you can generously see the entrance as well as the green trees and plants that surrounded it.

patio area

The wooden chairs and table set in this area allowed the client to witness more of the landscape in the exterior.


Even in this bedroom the client may be capable of seeing more of the panoramic view outside because of its open plan design.

Pool design

At night time, this swimming pool appears to be more elegant because of the vibrant lights that surrounded it.

kitchen lighting

This kitchen area is not just simply neat and clean but also the appliances and fixture used here makes it more luxurious.

swimming pool

At daytime, this green swimming pool highlighted the concept and features of the exterior.

Bahia House

You may notice how the designer used this wooden materials and stones to come up with an artistic entrance of this house.

As you can see on this residence’s floor plan, it is entirely organized around a central patio. It makes a cross ventilation in all the spaces possible. It provides a great opportunity to view what is available in the place such as the grassed garden and two lively mango trees. So this is really giving one the most privilege in experiencing the environmental comfort of its dwellers although it does not make use of the most modern technology. But still, the designer is confident that they were able to present a remarkable house in this place.

Finally, we can say that this Bahia House is an ecological house. Architect Marcio Kogan together with his team in Studio MK27 successfully designed this Bahia House in Brazil. The interior designer of this house is Diane Radomsyler while the Landscape designer is Renata Tilli, and Henrique Bustamante and Sergior Ekerman serve as the collaborator for the interior design. Thus, we can say that this house remarkably catches our attention. Also it provides us another inspiration and set of ideas to consider in making our future dream house.