The Spacious and Modern PF Single Family House in Trento, Italy

Indeed we all dreamed to have a spacious modern house where we can find comfort to spend quality time with our family. So today our featured house is described to be spacious and modern which has a slight futuristic quality that contrasts with the simple countryside that surrounded it. In fact this house is built for a single family that is being remodeled. Situated in Pergine Valsugana, Trento, Italy this house is called as the PF Single Family House.

With an area of 430 square meters, the house design and plan highlighted its main characteristic such as the structure, the energy efficiency and its spatial inside and outside continuity. Moreover the steel that supported the structure of the enlargement of this house is completely not dependent from the existing building. As you can see the first floor is connected to the ceiling through its Vierendel beam which allows the total pillar-free ground floor here. We are pretty sure that you are now excited to see more of the amazing ideas that this house will offer. Now let’s scroll down the page and see the different areas of this PF Single Family House images below.

PF House Exterior 1

The unique shape and lines are combined to build an extraordinary design of this edifice.

PF House Exterior 2

This displays a rough texture that creates a great contrast with the smooth texture of the walls in this house building.

PF House Terrace 1

The wooden materials used in the floor and fence of this terrace will certainly provide a comfortable space for the homeowners to unwind from his stressful day.

PF House Terrace 2

Wood is used in majority of the areas of this house.

PF House Dining Room

The glass materials used in this modern dining table complements with the wooden floors and glass walls in the dining area.

PF House Interior 1

The red chairs in the corner stand out in the middle of this white concept interior.

PF House Interior 2

Enclosed with this fine glass material, this interior explain the idea how the designer separates the private areas from its public spaces inside the house.

PF House Stairs 1

Well-arranged LED lights are installed here to emphasize the great and comfortable effect in this vicinity.

PF House Stairs 2

Take a look at the lights installed in the sides of this stairs as it shows a more luxurious style and concept of its interiors.

PF House Table 1

The application of wooden and glass materials here are very useful to achieve the goal of having a contemporary house design.

PF House Kitchen

In this kitchen, you can see how the designer conceptualizes the white, red, beige and grey to be able to customize its design.

PF House Second Level

The second level of the house is obviously seen in this area where the client can witness the interiors’ remarkable design.

PF House Stairs 3

The neat and clean wooden stairs can surely catch your attention when you are in the second level of the house.

PF House Stairs LED

Different colors of LED lights were installed in this area to show the designer’s effort in creating a unique and futuristic interior design.

CPF House Bedroom 1

Here is the spacious bathroom where you can see a touch of nature through the color used on its mosaic tiles.

PF House Bathroom 1

This white porcelain fixture together with this glassed door and walls are enough to prove that it can offer a more comfortable area in the bathroom.

PF House Bathroom 2

This white bath tub enclosed with wooden materials is simple but can surely provide a comfortable and relaxing experience while taking a hot bath.

PF House Bathroom 3

Outside the bathroom is an silent lounge area.

PF House Terrace 3

The panoramic view of the surroundings with the fresh air is obviously experienced in this terrace.

PF House Exterior Night 1

In the evening the vivid lights in the interior are effective to make this house look luxurious and superb.

The entire house is utilizing high efficiency ventilation. They have a solar powered system that is capable of providing a hot water. With that the domestic technology characterizes it as the electric system in the house. Since the house building is composed of two levels, the designer called it as inferior “heavy” and superior “light”. This house has a large glass embossed loggias with the large wood that penetrates all the way the building onto the floors and walls. It creates a strong interrelation between the interior and its exterior that also describe its private and public areas. The Burnazzi Feltrin Architects. designed the unique PF House. We are sure that once again we have presented another set of ideas that will inspire you and help you imagine how you will design your ideal house.