Noticeable Structural Engineering in the Queens Park House in Sydney, Australia

Nowadays, designers are re-inventing the old house ideas to come up with a contemporary house. Some may combine the old and new characteristics of the house to improve its elegance. Some designers believed that some features of the old house can help in making this house attractive and functional as well. Today we will be showing you a house designed in Sydney, Australia. This reveals the new transformation of an old house into a modern day stylish and fashionable house.

This house is named as the Queens Park Residence and this features a great landscape and structural engineering. Moreover, the evolution of the old design into a new design was the relationship and conversation between the heritage character of the existing cottage and the introduced concrete and glass structure. Let us see more of the highlighted features of this house through the images below.

Queens Park Residence A limited space in the garage area may still keep the traditional style of the house but it explains the importance of the green plants to make this area livelier.

Structural Engineering Take a look at the combination of concrete and wooden elements that harmonized with each other to make this house exceptional.

Sydney Australia houses Rough texture of this carpet harmonizes with the tile used in the walls.

black sofa Black sofa set stand out in the middle of this white palette walls and wooden brown floors in the living space.

kitchen spacious Geometrical forms and shapes displayed in the kitchen space highlighted its unique details.

kitchen area Concrete materials are used in the kitchen that made this look expensive with a flawless texture.

staircase Wooden and concrete materials used in the staircase obviously show the artistic and modern interior.

bathroom Natural light may still access the bathroom for its open layout through the glass wall.

wood deck bathroom Here is another bathroom that also utilized the glass frame in order to enjoy the sustainable light during daytime.

garage Even in the garage area, the importance of wooden and concrete elements is underlined.

garden area Luscious green plants that surrounded the exterior significantly shows the eco-friendly features of the house.

exterior design The house seems like a box surrounded by plants and beautiful landscape.

outdoor design Lines and patterns are carefully seen from the walls to the floor of this house even in the exterior.

lawn area Well-arranged living space as well as the other parts of the interior is visibly seen from the exterior even in the morning for its glazed wall.

Queens Park Residence Vivid lights installed both in the first and second level of the house can effectively shows the elegance of the interior especially at night.

As we have witnessed in the different images presented above, we can see that the natural light and ventilation can freely access the interior. The MCK Architects efficiently blends the old features with the new designs of the house. Certainly, the homeowner may enjoy the transformation and concept of this remodeled house. We hope that you have also learned new things today as you witnessed the design and features of this Queens Park House.