Outstanding Forms and Volumes of the Sardinera House in Costa Blanca, Spain

Who will say that it is impossible to build a house on a high place? Or maybe you may ask why there are people who would prefer to build their house in an elevated location. Well, today we will find out why these clients choose to have their residential house built in this place. This house is named as the Sardinera House. This residential house is spotted in Costa Blanca, Spain.

In fact this is a newly built house that is capable of overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. Also we can notice that the house utilized the most fashionable and costly priced furniture that perfectly matches with its neat and fresh surroundings. The height of the ceilings also highlighted its spacious interior and exterior. Let us explore more of the amazing and remarkable design of this Sardinera House through the images below.

Sardinera House The infinity edge pool in the exterior is one of the best highlighted features of this elegant house. Spotted here is the astounding and extraordinary newly built house design surrounded by green trees and beautiful landscape.

Costa Blanca Spain See how these geometrical forms of the house seem like sitting at the top most part of the hill.

Sardinera House Take a look at the lines and volumes of these house buildings that simply speaks of its size and design.

exterior front view The infinity edge pool in the exterior is one of the best highlighted features of this elegant house.

infinity pool Who will not say this spot is perfect if you want to unwind from stressful tasks in the office.

smooth lawn area Concrete floors in the exterior as well as the walls of this house building display a smooth texture.

beautiful patio view The shape of the preferred furniture design and style of the client truly harmonized with the spacious area of the patio.

relaxing living room Sliding glassed doors creates an easy access to the exterior from this living space.

unique dining set Here’s the unique dining table set that perfectly jives with the exceptional design of the chandelier.

sitting area See how the designer also intended to place these two comfortable seats where the client can enjoy the sight of the exterior.

outdoor grilling area Table set arranged in the exterior provides the family a perfect place to eat while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

kitchen space design Clean and neat kitchen space is enough to expose the simplicity and classy design of it.

minimal bathroom design Glassed door in this bathroom also shows its luxury and charm.

front view Volumes and forms of the house buildings underline its modern architecture and great style.

garage way Lines and textures reveals in the garage space stand out for its effective lighting system.

Sardinera House Serenity and charm is maintained in the front yard of the house for its amazing lighting system design.

As we have seen the different areas of the house through the above images, we may sense how the Ramon Esteve Estudio carefully utilized the materials and the elements to match with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Nature has the most important contribution in order to achieve the comfort and elegance of this house. I personally love the design of the swimming pool and its astounding effect to the highlighted amazing swimming pool area and exterior of the house. We hope that you will also apply all these elements of the house in your own house, too.