Before and After: An Old Chino Canyon Home Gets a New Look

The trend these days is to do-it-yourself. This means that we can create different things using whatever materials we have. And of course, we have to do it on our own- even home design and decorating!

Can you believe that it is actually possible to do that?

Well, it sure is! You can design and decorate your home in whatever way you want. You can make your own decors using scarp or items from the dollar store. Or you can recycle some old things and reuse them in a totally new manner.

But did you know that even old homes can be reused?

Yes, you read that right. No matter how dilapidated the home is, it still has hope to transform into a beautiful home.

We will prove that to you through the images of the Chino Canyon house below.

Check it out:

Location: Palm Springs, California

Designer: Hundred Mile House

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: An old house built in 1954 gets a new look with a midcentury modern design.

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This custom-built post and beam mid-century ranch house was built in 1954 at the base of San Jacinto Mountain in Palm Springs, California. It does look old, right? But it can still be renovated. And this is exactly what the new owners did to the home. You can see in the comparison of the old home to the new one. It looks really beautiful now, do you agree?

Hundred Mile House

The material palette used for the house has been inspired by the desert. Sand-colored stucco is paired with wood elements for the house.

Chino Canyon

What you can see here is a private patio with a fire pit and small garden. It can be accessed through the master bedroom. Note that the roof on this area is open to let sunlight touch the area.

Chino Canyon interior

To welcome guests, there’s a small foyer with a large piece of art hanging on the wall. The original concrete floors were re-coated and sealed.

Chino Canyon before after interior

Simply by looking at the picture, you can see the difference of the space. You can see more of the interior in the next images.

Chino Canyon living room

Seen here is a large open plan room that houses the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is a wall of windows that flood the room with natural light. Notice also how the designers combine contemporary and rustic elements in here.

Chino Canyon fire place

One central element in the living room is the gray brick fireplace. Just off this area is a new patio and pool.

Chino Canyon dining

This is indeed a bright dining room because of the glass windows and doors around it. Notice that it has a large cloud-like pendant light hanging above it.

Chino Canyon kitchen

Beside the dining room is the kitchen which features dark cabinets. These are paired with stainless steel appliances and a patterned backsplash, creating a contemporary look.

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Chino Canyon guest bedroom

Two pendant lights hang from the high ceiling of the guest bedroom in order to create beside lamps. The purple area rug breaks the combination of white and gray in the area.

Chino Canyon guest bathroom

The guest ensuite bathroom uses dark tiles, which is the same as the master bathroom. A backlit mirror provides ambient light in the room.

Chino Canyon master bedroom

In the master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling that creates a sense of openness. It used neutral colors for a relaxing aura.

Chino Canyon master bathroom

The master bathroom used dark tiles to create an accent wall. It also used glass partition to separate the shower from the bathtub. The wall behind the mirror and vanity also used the same dark tiles.

Chino Canyon office

The house also features a studio/home office that also doubles as a gym. Wood framed glass doors open up to the patio and the front courtyard.

Chino Canyon exterior

When renovating, the designers saved as many of the original plants as possible, which includes a very mature Monstrose Apple Cactus.

Chino Canyon pool

From the patio, one can see a new pool that’s surrounded by landscaping to match the courtyard with the front of the house.

Chino Canyon fire pit

Seen here is a private patio that can be accessed from the guest bedroom. It is surrounded by the weathered steel fence.

Chino Canyon fence

Rusted steel fence is used for the house which complements its desert inspiration. Behind the fence is a courtyard with desert landscaping and steps that lead to the front door.

There is indeed a big difference from the old house to the recent one after the renovation. But you can still traces of the old home just like its form. Usually, designers would retain some portions of the home to remind the owners of its past. And this retained portion always add drama to the house just like this project by Hundred Mile House. What makes the house nice isn’t just its design but its closeness to nature. When you look at the outdoor area, there are plants and a spot to relax while under the sun. No doubt, if you have everything like what this house has, you would love to go home every day!