Rectangular Prisms of the Planalto House in Brazil

Another lovely home seats in São Paulo, Brazil called the Planalto House. The house is comprised of two large perpendicular volumes marking the territory of the area. The private and intimate features of the house were located on the upper floor of a rectangular prism that is perpendicular to the street. Only half of the land is occupied by the structure since the other half was allocated for recreation and landscaping. On the main floor, another rectangular prism is seen that contains the service and social functions of the house.

The house can be accessed under the front overhand of the main floor leading to a 1.80 m wide corridor that connects various areas of the house. Once inside, an indoor pavilion and barbecue area will be seen. The main floor is covered with a garden terrace that blocks the garage and the recreation area. This can be accessed through the stairs located at the recreation area. Want to see how these areas look? Then scroll down and discover the Planalto House in Brazil.

Planalto House

This is the entry of the house where you can see a garage and a terrace.

Flavio Castro

Once inside, you will surprised with all the beauty that you can see! The combination of wood, concrete, steel and glass in very obvious in this angle.

São Paulo, Brazil

With large sliding glass doors, the interior and the landscape are like as one.

Pool area

The pool had good tiling work. Its tile work made it look beautiful especially with the lights in it.


At the back of this outdoor kitchen is the garage that we have showed you in the first image.

Living room

The house has high ceilings and it used wooden louvers to add ventilation.

Dining room

Who would not fall in love with an interior as lovely as this? It used neutral color palette which was fitting to its concept.

Interior design

Furniture was not matching but their colors complement with each other. Take a look at the wall decor made of glass, isn’t it lovely?


The dining area and the living room have a coherent look in its use of white for the walls and its proper distribution of colors.

Entertainment room

We can tell that this is a more intimate living space the way the glass was tinted and the manner of arrangement.

Dining set

The kitchen has this square table making it an eat-in kitchen. You can notice the use of grays in this space as well as the recessed lights behind the hanging cabinets.


The bedroom looks minimal in design but we love that partition made of wood that separates the bed from the lounge.


The terrace can be accessed through this stairs from the outdoor kitchen. This kitchen is also considered as a recreational area for barbecue and other activities.

Concrete Stairs

Closer look at the floating concrete stairs with steel railings attached at the wall.

Planalto House

From the upper level, one can see the entire main floor through this glass wall.

Nicholson House Floor Plan

This is the terrace with wooden flooring. One can certainly have an alone time here while getting a good view of the landscape.

The materials used in the house are chromaticism, texture and transparency. Concrete walls divide the space in the house where there are large sliding glass doors which gives the homeowners a good view of the garden and the landscape. The house used concrete, glass, wood and steel which were successfully combined by Flavio Castro in this house designed intended for a couple with two kids.