A Relaxing Pool House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A stunning pool house with a view of the mountains, complete with everything you want.

When a home has a pool, it seems that the owners are the luckiest or the most blessed because not all homes have a pool. Pools aren’t just a touch of luxury in a home but it is also a good area for relaxing and getting entertained especially if you are from a stressful day at work. Aside from that, the pool area also increases the value of a home especially if it has a pool house. Although some homes may have pools, not all of them have pool houses. Hence, when one has a pool house, the home is even more special! Pool houses come in various designs and styles depending on the availability of space, the type of design the owner wants and the functions in it. We have featured different pool houses before but today, we will show you a pool house that will blow your mind because of how lovely it is with different functional areas.

A pool house located near the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has a beautiful design featuring a kitchen, bathroom, living room, a dining area and a gorgeous outdoor space. Because of that, it has all the functions that one wants and need for a pool house. Well, you can actually sleep and live there since it has everything. Aside from all the functions, the pool house also has picturesque views of the mountainous countryside and of course, it has a design that is very impressive. The pool house is designed by Cadas Arquitetura which includes a well-designed outdoor area. Of course, its pool is very inviting as well. Apart from the pool, you can also see other water features in the outdoor space which seems to extend the cool effect of the swimming pool. Let us take a look at the images of the pool house below.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Designer: Cadas Arquitetura

Style: Contemporary

Type of Space: Pool House

Unique feature: A designer pool house with a contemporary style complete with different functions.

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Isn’t that a stunning view? It sure is! Apart from the views, the pool area itself is a stunner. Notice that there are two areas seen here- the living area and the kitchen which is elevated from the pool. You can also see here the outdoor space which is equally stunning to the rest of the space. Notice also that it used a mix of different materials from the ceiling to other areas of the pool house.

Cadas Arquitetura

The two areas are connected with a metal beam. Like what I said, the kitchen area is elevated and it has a glass walling that creates a seamless connection from the kitchen to the outdoor space. One thing I noticed here is the cantilevered part of the kitchen where lounge chairs are placed. For sure, it would be very nice to rest here and watch the views from the space.

pool house

The pool house as well as the outdoor area wrap around the edges of the pool. Notice that the pool tiles here come in two different colors which makes it more beautiful.

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Pool House Design

The pool house also has a full outdoor kitchen with built-in oven and wine rack. It uses wood, gray and white finish together. The kitchen has wooden cabinets and island. Wood is also used in the walls with floating shelves. For sure, it would be nice to prepare food here after swimming.

Pool House

When one steps down from the pool house, the main outdoor dining and lounge area is reached. It is nice to have upper levels to add more depth in the area and it is nice to look over the pool area while someone is in there.

Pool House interior

Aside from the views, there’s also a built-in television in the lounge area where you can watch movies. This means that you can totally end up relaxed and entertained while in the area.

Pool House bathroom

There is also a bathroom hidden in the pool house and as expected, it also has a beautiful design with wooden features in it found on the sink. It also has a large mirror on the wall that spreads light into the small bathroom.

Pool House entrance

In this picture, you can see the entrance of the pool house with a water feature that leads you back to the main house. Isn’t it nice to have an outdoor area like this one?

Isn’t this a lovely pool house? Well, the pool area is also a stunning place to stay but with a pool house like this, you will surely enjoy the outdoor area even more. I like it that it has everything one may want for a pool house from a kitchen to a living area where they can relax while beside the pool. For sure, this is very relaxing and refreshing! This pool house is designed by Cadas Arquitetura who made sure that the area is not just functional and relaxing but it looks aesthetically impressive as well. For sure, this is one area that you would like to add in your house!