Brilliant Views of Aloe Ridge House in South Africa

We are happy and excited to talk about how and what our dream house would look like, right? Many of us are having a hard time to describe and explain what features that we would like for our dream house in the future. Today we are hoping that we can deliver the best features and elements of a dream house that you may consider. This house is known as the Aloe Ridge House and it seated in the Eden Rock Coastal Forest Estate which is located on the Southern Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

With an area of 300 square meters, this house is said to stand out on its corner site. This has a progressive cantilever form that asserted its presence. Also this is said to be a representative of a paradigm shift in the estate’s architectural design language. Well, as you can see, its building seems to be a veritable Mesian box of bold contemporary architectural design which set into the African indigenous coastal forest context. See the images below to discover more of the interior and exterior of this Aloe Ridge House.

Aloe Ridge House Different dimensions of these geometrical figures of this house are highlighted in the middle of this beautiful landscape.

Brilliant Views The utilization of LED lights in the entrance seems to create a warm welcome to more guests to explore what’s inside the house.

South Africa houses The brown palette together with the lights used here is enough to make this area look luxurious.

exterior design Let’s take a look at the terrace that reveals the reason why the homeowner choose to stay here to breathe the fresh air.

lawn area Cantilevered wall provides protection to the glassed walls of this house but still the sun’s rays may still access the interior.

decking swimming pool Take a glance at the amazing views from this area that may surely wow the homeowners and its guest.

gray curved couch area The stone grey sofa set in the living room adds more connection to the beautiful nature outside.

living room See how this amazing accessories and furniture creates a livelier and graceful living space.

glass dining set The glassed walls provide a great opportunity to the homeowner to still take the full advantage of the beautiful landscape outside.

kitchen island Silver and white palette are used in this kitchen together with the lights lined at the ceiling makes this area more splendid.

kitchen design Modern and unique kitchen wares and chairs are maintained to make sure the homeowner enjoys working here.

staircase The mosaic design of this carpet adds elegance in this area in front of the stairs.

office room An office room is set in this area so the client may still work with his unfinished task from the office.

swimming pool When you are looking for a comfortable area well this may be best for you.

indoor lights Astonishing lights in the pool area and the interior are visibly seen here.

outdoor furniture In the morning the client may sit down and feel the warmth embraces of the sun in this comfortable couch in the patio.

exterior lights When sunset comes, the landscape underlines the sophistication and grace of the exterior.

lawn garden area The plants and huge stones are well arranged in this area to create balance and beauty in nature.

plant outdoor design Even with the darkness of the night, we cannot ignore the astounding views from here.

Aloe Ridge House The constant brilliance of the lights revealed the lines and shapes of this house building.

Completed in 2014, we can say that this house can compete when we speak of modern architecture. Even in its entrance we may notice the grand, double volume arrangement of high elements of glass, timber and concrete. While the strong horizontal line which was created by the roof of the garage structure provides a visual axial thrust to its entrance. This has a transparent volume entrance through the kitchen and living spaces beyond.

This Aloe Ridge house extremely creates a huge architectural statement despite of its relatively little dimensions. This promoted the idea that a dream house needed not to be expansive and splendid. For all the features that we can see in this house, we can say that there is a sense of wow factor even from the entrance down to its rooms. Then the Metropole Architects really did their great job in building and conceptualizing this house design, right?