Challenging Designs and Fashion Uncover in the Mullet in Melbourne, Australia

To have a contemporary family home with a challenging design is one of the most requested features of every client nowadays. Modern materials and exquisite furniture are the best elements that a contemporary and classy house would have. Today, we will explore the amazing features of the house in Melbourne, Australia. This house is named as “The Mullet”.

The Mullet is an extension to a home which accommodates the requests of the owners. The house has an overlay-shaped the design for the front of the dwelling which requires that the cottage façade and first few rooms flanking the Hardiman Street be retained and renovated according to the designer. This has three bedrooms and two bathrooms which are resolved into the pre-determined Edwardian shell, freeing up the new extension for the living areas. Scroll down the page and see the extraordinary areas of the house through the images below.

The Mullet Take a glance at the promising entrance at the garage area of this house.

Melbourne Australia From the bird’s eye view, the shape and remarkable texture of the house is highlighted.

lawn area A simple and neat patio is also designated in this area that will provide a more relaxing space in the house.

living space See how the lines and shapes of the furniture and floor enhance the look of the living space.

unique lighting system A unique lighting system is also installed in the interior which provides comfort and glamour here.

kitchen space design Modern and functional features were unveiled in the kitchen space through this stainless and wooden fixtures and furniture.

stainless kitchen island Glassed material is also utilized here so that the client may also take advantage of the exterior from the kitchen space.

kitchen view The movement of the lines in the ceiling remarkably shows its extraordinary concept.

wall ceiling design Have a look at the texture of the walls that creates contrast to the ceilings and floors of this house.

glass floor element Circular glass in the floor allows the client to see the garage below.

professional room design Smooth and rough texture of the walls, floor and ceilings can be seen in the different areas of the interior.

natural lighting Here’s the circled glass floor and ceiling that will allow the client to enjoy the sustainable light features of the house.

bathroom Meanwhile a combination of white and blue mosaic tiles used in the floor of this bathroom highlighted its modern ideas.

playroom From this space, the client can also see the activities of their kids in the playroom.

The Mullet A spacious and open patio is designed here to allow the client take the full advantage of the natural ventilation.

As we have witnessed the different amazing ideas of the house in the above images, we can say that the March Studio has successfully responded to the demands of the client. I personally like the house building design for its unique shape and lines. The lines and patterns unveil in the house building actually describe its incredible style. The interior also exposed the elegant and neat character. We hope that the fashionable details of this house will help you decide how you can improve the appearance of your house, too.