Easy-Cut Volumetric and Naturalistic New Concrete House

What are the most important elements that we usually consider when building a house? First of course the location and next is the materials that will be using in the house building. We commonly make use of concrete materials because of its durability. Now we will look at the house design in Saint Abbondio, Switzerland and how it utilized the concrete materials to achieve its program. This is named as the New Concrete House. Its property is attached on three sides to existing and new constructions. While to the downhill side is connected at the access road. Above, it can provide free views to the Lake Maggiore and to the mountains as well.

Another is a clear easy-cut volumetric and naturalistic materializing of the concrete. The concrete materials used here have the same color with the natural rocks. These incorporate the new building with careful attention in the heterogeneous area. The concrete gets natural stone of the modern time. The irregular positioned window perforations maintain the monolith and it create a sculptural unit. Let us see the images of the interior and exterior below.

New Concrete House Stone like concrete is used in the structure of this building to make this look so natural.

Naturalistic Concrete House Roof top is consumed for terrace where the client can relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

rooftop design Stunning views of the ocean are unveiled through this rooftop where the client can spend his quality time with the family.

outdoor furnitures Large windows exist to secure areas that may best access the exterior.

kitchen design Defining the combination of wood and stone elements is highlighted in this wooden brown and grey kitchen.

concrete design Texture description accentuates the interior’s wall and ceilings.

dining set open space Simple yet comfortable table set are placed in this area to express the strong connection to the exterior.

sliding glass wall Sun’s rays are welcome to access the living space because of the glassed walls.

staircase Simple yet elegant furniture are well arranged in the living spaces.

reading area The plain stairs underlines its capacity to allow the client access to the different parts of the house.

full height glass window Table set placed in the terrace helps the client to appreciate the beauty of nature.

natural lighting The shape and form of the furniture complements with the profile of the house building.

cabinet design Deep and rich dimensions of the interior expose its role and functionality in the living space.

indoor lighting Huge cabinets together with the tables arranged here is enough to provide a more functional kitchen.

New Concrete House Lights installed in the interior make this building stand out among the other neighbor’s house.

As we have travelled in the different areas of the house there is a Spartan room and courtyard. The courtyards underline openness to the surroundings. Meanwhile, the limitation of the few basic materials such as concrete and natural wood generates a smooth collaboration between the interior and its exterior. We may say that the Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti effectively utilized concrete materials to come up with a well-designed concrete house. With that, these truly deserve its name. When you are planning to make use of the concrete as your main material in your house, the ideas we have shared may be helpful to you.