Remarkable Waterfall Skylight in the Mount Lawley House in Australia

A beautiful modern house was built on a challenging lot. The result is a total stunner!

Have you noticed how designers utilize the amazing materials in order to provide a modern and sustainable home? Do you think that the designer make use of the furniture and other accessories so that the interior may maintain its elegance and trendy style? Well, today we will feature a modern and private residential house nestled in Perth Australia. The design of this house actually represents the client and architects’ belief in function over convention and that small, odd parcels of land can be successfully and less costly developed into a more interesting and spacious buildings. As you can see, the house buildings exposed its unique features, as it highlighted its geometrical forms. We can also identify its boldness that is unprecedented in its immediate surroundings. This feature amazingly enhances the combination of cathedrals, block apartments and character homes that prevail. This extraordinary house is named as the Mount Lawley House.

Mount Lawley House is actually the architects own home and it is built on a 180 square meters triangular lot. With that challenging shaped site, the house building complements with the available spaces allotted for the house. The said challenging site is known as the busy Vincent Street to its north and 1.5 meter sewer easement to the rear boundary. According to the designers, this demonstrates to the public how the space can effectively be created from small lots and the importance of architecture in order to achieve this elegant design. While the designer ensures the balance and harmony not just in the exterior of the house but also in the indoor areas, too. Why don’t you scroll down the page and enjoy the different areas of the house through the images below.

Location: Perth, Australia

Designer: Robeson Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-story

Unique feature: The house has unique features that include a waterfall skylight glass over the staircase. It also has steel box window and the expansive glazing in the living area. With that remarkable features this house has become a positive talking point and a head turner in the Mount Lawley community and it is better known as the “triangle house”.

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Take a look at how the designer creatively utilized the concrete and glass materials in the exterior of this house. Lines and edges of the house building highlighted the different dimensions and forms of it.

Australia House Building Look closely at how the designer combined the rough and smooth texture of the walls. The bright and dark colors were also utilized to make the contemporary concept simply stand out here.

House Entrance Here is the entrance area of the house and you can see the uniquely shaped house building. Sustainability is one of the best features of this house which can be entered through its terrace.

Australia Terrace At the terrace, the designer set two luxurious and exceptional chairs to allow the client to feel and experience the panoramic views in the surroundings.

Living Room Spacious and neat living space is presented in the interior. The high quality and texture of this furniture simply underline its comfort and charm.

Interior design The shape and texture of every furniture in the house harmoniously jives with the walls and ceilings.

 Furniture design See how neat and clean is the kitchen table here. The floors and ceilings of the house also speak of art and other unique factors.

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Kitchen design You may see that the designer utilized a simple design and arrangement of each important furniture, cabinets and appliances in this kitchen. Ceramic tiled floors perfectly jives with the kitchen table and silver refrigerator.

Kitchen Sink Modern kind of fixture also jives with the white and smooth texture of the kitchen sink. The white colored sink also displays its perfectly matched color with these cooking space here.

Australia House Staircase Here is the modern staircase. This shows not just its uniqueness but its amazing sustainability and modern features.

Mount Lawley waterfall Bedroom At the second level of the house is the sweet and comfortable white bedroom. The modern furniture and bed sheets speaks of its great style and modern ideas.

waterfall House Dressing Area The bedroom may not be huge but the designer allocated a small space for the dress and accessories of the owner.

Bathroom Dark colored themed tiles utilized in the bathroom prove that comfort can be best achieved here. The fixtures and its dark palette may be combined together well.

waterfall House Australia The amazing and artistic edge in the terrace gracefully provides the best area for the homeowner to unwind and release the stress.

Mount Lawley House Exterior at Night When the dark comes, the white colored building standout in the street. The lights also allows the client to make the interiors and some of the exteriors stand out in the street.

This house projects presents the keen and artistic concept of the Robeson Architects. We can see how these designers unveil and prove that the interiors can echo a minimalist luxurious home. Industrial materials featured all throughout the space that also includes the burnished concrete flooring and customized steeled staircase, balustrade and steel box window. I also like the ideal design of the kitchen where you can see the highly polished thin Nero Marquina marble top, with a matching freestanding marble dining table on its black steeled legs that slots into the island beach, but can be moved to function as a dining table for eight persons. In fact, this private residential house has become a positive talking point in the Mount Lawley community and it is also known as the Triangle House. Did you find new ideas and concepts that might help you conceptualize and finalize the design of your house in the future?