A Minimalist Brick House in Hyojadong, South Korea

Today’s house feature is located at Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea which is why it is called the House in Hyojadong. This is a three storey private home with an area of 194 square meters or 2088 square feet. The house clearly stands out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood because of its lovely design. The homeowner made sure that a certain area of the house is allocated for natural landscaping. A courtyard is intimately enclosed in the U-shaped mass of the house. It has varying floor levels that divide the scale of the house and integrate it in the neighborhoods diverse designs.

The ground floor contains the living area, dining and kitchen. In the second floor, you can find the guest bedroom, family room and master bedroom. All these areas face the courtyard allowing them a good view of the outdoor landscaping especially that glass sliding partitions are used. Meanwhile, you can see a single studio space in the third floor area with access to two roof terraces. The front terrace provides views of the city while the back terrace opens to the mountains. Since the house is located along a busy street, only few windows were placed on the facade to add privacy to the home. Check out this Korean home below:


The house is located along the street but still retains privacy through the courtyard and by placing minimal number of windows on the facade.

South Korea

Definitely an urban home just with the looks of it!

Min Soh

You can see here the two separate roof terraces we have mentioned earlier. The center part is the studio type room.

Gusang Architectural Group

This is the central courtyard that adds nature’s touch to the home despite being located in the city.

Kyoungtae Kim

A family room in the second floor has a minimal design. The area rug defines the space and added life to it.

Green House

A green sofa is used here but the area still maintained the minimalist look by using wood in most parts of it.

 Living room

A living area is seen here with some partitions that double as storage and display area.

 Living Area

We love the wall decor with the word “love”. It breaks the monotone of colors in the interior.


Seen here is the lobby. The house used natural oak flooring, ash veneer, plywood, and paint in the interior.


Modern, updated and minimal- these are words that best describe their small kitchen.


A modular kitchen with tiled backsplash and gray finish just looked perfect in this house.

 Master Bedroom

Even this master bedroom looks minimal using white for the curtain, bed covers and other parts of it.


We’d guess that this is the guest room. We like the headboard lights in it!


This area leads to the bathroom which sure is minimal too and uses wood in its cabinets.

 Glass Partition

Sliding glass partitions are used which allows the entry of natural light to the home.


White stairs leading to the upper level of the house.

The exterior of the house uses salvaged brick which allows it to blend with the neighborhood and reflect the patterns seen in the Kyongbok Palace which is just near the home. The architecture of the house also uses recessed and protruding windows to add depth to home’s look. You have observed in the images above that the interior are of minimalist design using wood and paint. This house is designed by architects Min Soh, Gusang Architectural Group and Kyoungtae Kim.