The Exquisite Bluff House by Robert Young

People have their own dream house, so does our architects. Architects design houses that would satisfy the standards and tastes of different people but they still see to it that it’ll turn out beautiful as it should be. The design of the house would be niftier if it fits the environment, may it be in an urban or a rural place. Location is one of the things that should be considered in building a dream house. So, Architect Robert Young came up with an artistic design and structure that stood proudly in the given location.

In Montauk, New York, Robert Young’s design of the Bluff House stands sumptuously with its wooden theme. It is very much appreciated by our eyes as it matches the blue and green surrounding of Montauk, New York which is also called as a beach resort because of its location at the tip of the Long Island. This place is also one of the busiest tourist locations within the town of East Hampton. With a scenic overlook in the island, the guests may get that cozy feeling which can’t be felt like any other place can give. A dream house plus a perfect place would be equal to a perfect vacation! Now, let’s scroll down and we’ll take a look on the promising photos of this house.

Bluff House design

With the endearing sight of Montauk, the wooden theme of Bluff House looks like a heavenly place with a rhombus-shaped pool.

Exquisite home design

In every part of the house, you can take a look at the beautiful view just around the corner with the big help of the glass wall.

Robert Young home design

Every edge this box-like house is made with majesty in order to be more attractive and inviting to the guests.

lawn area

Pathways and stairs seem to be very friendly and invite the guests to come and explore the inside of the house.

wood exterior wall

A pathway and a stair connecting the parking lot and the backdoor, this angle give us the idea that the house is very accessible to the guests wherever they may be.

deck area

The guests may have a light talk here in the terrace while sitting by the native chair.


A black sofa across the fireplace with a wooden center table is perfect to have a comfortable living room.

Living room

Contoured with wooden bench, the living room is the place for guests to converse.

Dining room

Silver and grey fixtures complement with the black and brown borders of the ceiling.

Interior design

A native chair paired with an off-white sofa gives the guests a peaceful afternoon delight.


Sunlight that will spread across the room overlooking the blue sea would be the perfect scene every morning.


Aside from the indoor and outdoor showers, the little blue wall tiling makes the bathroom more accommodating.

pool side bench

Placed on the edge of the house, the silver shower matched with wooden walls looks extremely unique.

house lighting

Reflection of the lights is very pleasant to the eyes and invites the guests to take a dip into the swimming pool.

Bluff House

The translucent wall makes the Bluff House more elegant even at twilight.

A living room with a fireplace, rooms for guests and a social hall, room for parties and other gatherings of the guests with a rhombus-shaped swimming pool completes the ground floor of the house. And the upper floor has a spacious living room with a fireplace also, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, master bathroom and a terrace. The lower and upper fireplace is connected by a marble-built chimney which makes the house exceptional. Guests can use the fireplace if the weather gets cold that is expected because the house is located in a high place.

The exterior and interior design of the house is pleasingly simple but elegant as what we have seen from the above photos. The Bluff House is designed by The Robert Young Architecture & Interiors. Their designs never fail the guests and other clients to give that shivering feeling when the designed house is perceived with their eyes. Everyone deserves to have a house that will make us happy and contented. To that end, we may say that this house best fits the guests who need to breathe from a stressful environment and live in a home that is away from home.