Awe-Inspiring Views in the Modern Country House in Berkshire, England

Do you consider building a house near the ocean or any bodies of water? I personally believe in the idea that when your house is built near the ocean or sea, this will surely provide you real comfort and fresh air. Also this will give you a chance to enjoy swimming, fishing or spend quality time with your family. Today we will share to you a house design built on an elevated ground on the banks of the River Thames in Berkshire, England. This is a modern country house which is also considered as a family home.

As we can see the layout plan of this house is just a simple diagram which incorporates the courtyard and the glazed single rooms that may surely take the full advantage of the magnificent countryside views. Eventually this is inspired by the traditional houses with adjoining stable yards. Also we will be amazed with its fascinating garden. Why don’t we explore more of the different areas of this house by looking at the images below.

Modern Country House A well-trimmed grass and plants highlighted the beautiful landscape in the exterior.

Awe-Inspiring Views From light to darker shade of the grass and plants in this exterior ensured comfort and charm in this garden.

Berkshire England See how the astounding interior visibly seen from the exterior because of its floor-to-ceiling glazed walls and huge sliding doors.

living room Simple but classy grey sofa completes the relaxing area in the living space.

interior designing Let us see how the designer perfectly arranged the division of the living, dining and kitchen areas in the interior.

classy living room Here is another comfortable area in the house where the designer made use of the beige sofa that harmonizes with the beige walls.

elegant dining set Black and white theme colors stand out in these inspired modern concepts from fixtures to the furniture.

square dining table In this dining area, a modern design dining set to allow the client to enjoy the panoramic views outside.

panoramic view The trendy accessories and appliances made this kitchen more charming and modern.

bedroom Soft and clean white pillows and mattress in this bed complements with the color of the brown carpet and walls of this bedroom.

pop bedroom design Wall art and expression pillows added the modern ideas in this huge contemporary bedroom intended for ladies.

office room A home office is also set in this area where the client can work and enjoy the sight of the nature.

ceramic powder area Ceramic tiles used in this powder area create a rough texture and artistic mood in this bathroom.

glass wall bathroom Here is the small and simple rectangle tub where the client can feel restful while looking at the panoramic and river outside.

A Modern Country House Here is the shower area enclosed in a glassed frame which made this bathroom spacious despite of its limited space.

As we you have witnessed the different areas of the house, you may definitely say that the house may have a simple plan layout but this has an incredible interior and landscape design as well. I strongly believe that the River play the most important role in planning the right house design for this modern country home. Gregory Phillips Architects successfully not just design but conceptualize the house. Besides this is the first residence in the UK which incorporate a Cobiax slab at its first floor level in order to achieve the extensive cantilevers inherent within the design. So what can you say? Will you consider building your house near the bodies of water? You may also apply the different ideas and concepts we have shared to you today to have a comfortable and unique home in the future.