Modest Features of the Lujan House in Delawar

We may say that most of the modern houses of today considered the idea of providing a connection between the outdoor and indoor. This is very effective when you are looking for a comfortable and unique home design. The designers freely applied the elements that may incorporate the concept of the outdoor and indoor as well. Today we will see how the designer creatively combines the living spaces with the exteriors though keeping the privacy from its neighbouring houses.

The house program is organized in the garden. This house is named as the Lujan House and built in Delaware, USA. The designer said that the house is designed in a strong and abundant resources, expansive materials and limitless floor area. Even if the house is not really big for it only has an area of 2400 square feet, the designer still successfully create a strong connection between the interior and the exterior. Let us check the images below to see the features of this Lujan house.

Lujan House Exceptional volume of the house design is highlighted here as the black square room stands out in the second level of the house.

Delawar house As you can see the brick wall in the entrance is capable of explaining what simplicity is.

Modest house Features The house design seems like a simple box but you will never know what it can offer inside.

couch Simple colour of sofa set is enough to match with the light colours of the floors and the ceilings as well.

fireplace living room Simple yet unique chandeliers hanged in the dining set are enough to add charm and sophistication in the living space.

natural light design The sunlight can freely access the house for the designer secures glassed walls.

interior design From the living space the homeowner may see the wonderful garden through the huge glass walls.

glass wall frame Wooden carpet design speaks of a strong connection between the trees outside and the materials used in the interior.

bedroom Privacy may still feel in this white and wooden bedroom while the homeowner can enjoy looking at the beauty of the nature in the exterior.

bathroom The lights installed in this bathroom may add confidence that it can really bring comfort to the client.

black exterior design You may perfectly witness how the designer secures this huge glassed wall in the living spaces to have a strong relationship from the garden.

garden Here is the perfect spot where the client enjoys the beautiful garden and the unique structure of the house building.

concrete exterior design From the entrance you will see the small door that seems so inviting to explore the different parts of the interior.

patio furnitures At night the family may spend their quality time here while taking a deep breath of the fresh air from these green plants.

Lujan House The outstanding volume of the house building is graced in this area.

I can say that the limited space provided to the homeowner is not a hindrance to Robert M. Gurney to construct and conceptualize the design of this Lujan house. Indeed, the house is made with unexceptional materials which include concrete floors all over the first level of the house while oak flooring is used on the second floor. The designer added that the house was designed to achieve a balance between recognition of the scenic Chesapeake Bay landscape and a more intimate, quiet garden environment.