Splendid Ambiance in the Renewed North Kingsway House in Canada

Are you tired of looking at the old design of your house? Are you looking for a new house design and planning to sell your old house? Well, I suggest that you think a hundred times before selling your old house because I strongly believe that most old houses are made up of incredibly durable materials and design. Some may choose to sell their old house and build a new one. The best way to do is to sit down and start planning on how to remodel or renovate your old house.

There are many things to consider in remodeling your old house. Perhaps we can check the details of our featured house for today. This house is known as the North Kingsway House and this is a contemporary remodeled post war family home situated in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Let us see how the designer creatively converted this old house into a modern home for the family by looking at the images below.

North Kingsway House The designer maximized the use of concrete, glass and woods in building this house.

Splendid Ambiance The straight lines and flawless textures in the walls of this house is perceived from the garden.

Canada home design Natural light is free in the kitchen and dining space where the designer utilized glazed walls and sliding glass doors.

living area fireplace Will you agree that the color and shapes of the furniture and structure of the house is perfectly mixed and match in this interior?

minimal fireplace Trendy and stylish lampshade is intently placed in the corner of this living space to make it more luxurious.

bookshelf Here is one of the most fascinating corners in the house where the client may enjoy reading and relaxing.

red couch set See how this small lamp set beside this red sofa that reveals the elegance of this library.

white granite kitchen island Modern and stylish chairs set perfectly in the table improve the look of this contemporary kitchen.

staircase Combination of white, brown and black palette graced the interiors’ appearance.

bedroom Look at the carpet’s unique texture in the center of the floor that brings out the connection of interior to the exterior.

powder area Well-lighted powder area completes the feature of this stunning and comfortable bathroom.

bathroom Designer ensures that all the needs of the client may be access in this limited white bathroom.

kitchen New fixture and huge cabinets are designated in this innovative kitchen.

external design At night, the LED lights set in the exterior and interior underlines the modishness and luxury of the landscape.

North Kingsway House Extreme comfort and peace may experience in this well-groomed garden.

The Altius Architecture made a surprising difference in converting this old house into a contemporary home. Also the designer significantly ensured sustainability as one of the best features of this house. They preserved the existing building structure and revised some of the external façade. The sustainability features such as insulating the house on the exterior where all of the thermal mass can be utilized to both moderate indoor temperature and humidity. This facilitates a night time ventilation strategy that will greatly reduce cooling requirements. What do you think now? Are you still gonna sell your old house or will apply all these amazing features that we have seen through this North Kingsway House?