Privacy and Intimate Ideas Offer in Hog Pen Creek Residence in Texas, USA

We may wonder why many clients requested their designers to engage their interiors to the outdoor areas of the house. They loved to embrace the natural views while sitting in the living spaces. For that they demanded their designers to make sure their interiors can easily access the outdoor spaces of the house. Today, we will see how the designer creatively and strategically involved the exterior to every parts of the interior. This house is named as the Hog Pen Creek Residence.

This house is actually spotted in a shady, tree covered confluence of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin. Its name originated from the name of its location. As we can see, the house building has an L-shaped footprint. The owners of this house demanded to let their house accommodates the exterior spaces and have a strong connection to its interior zones. Let us see the amazing ideas and inspiring details of this house through the images below.

Hogpen Creek Residence See how the arrayed plants in this beautiful landscape enhance the exterior.

Texas USA Glassed walls in the house building allow the client to take the full advantage of the rich and green garden.

wooden hallway Let us carefully see the wooden lines and patterns in this area that jives with the tall trees and plants here.

living room fireplace Kitchen and dining spaces in the interior unveil its simple and neat arrangement.

dining unique chandelier Unique and trendy style of these chairs relates with the elements found in the outdoor spaces, too.

kitchen sink The designer ensured that the wooden cabinets and other furniture in this area to simply connect with the interior spaces to the exterior.

dining area The modern fixture utilized in this neat kitchen space underline its trendy concept.

bedroom We can undeniably see how the designer carefully chooses this extraordinary wooden designed dining table set that matches with the wooden chandeliers here.

bathroom chandelier A comfortable bedroom is also achieved through the glassed walls and windows that help the client access the wonderful scenario in the lake.

lake house Colorful round lamps set above this white and clean bath tub in this floor-to-ceiling glassed window can make this area livelier.

living room fireplace Here is one of the best relaxing spaces in the house where the client enjoys the lake even in the afternoon.

swimming pool Lighting system jives with the fire place set in the living space.

wooden plank wall A rectangular shaped swimming pool is also set in the exterior to allow the client feel the relaxing zones in the house even at night.

Hogpen Creek Residence From the pool area, the client can still view the incredibly unique chandelier and elements in the indoor spaces.

As we have seen the different areas of this house, we can see how the Lake Flato Architectscarefully apply the incredible details that will help the client witness the different outdoor areas. The main living spaces and the two-storey single width volume with a master bedroom loft and porches on either end takes advantage of the cool prevailing breezes and shades of the oak trees here. I like the movable barn like door here that serves as a bedroom wall. We hope that you learned something new today from the abovementioned ideas of this Hog Pen Creek Residence that you may apply in your own house, too.