The Renewed Kirchplatz Home Office in Muttenz, Switzerland

Here is the three-floor house originated from the converted farmhouse which is located in Muttenz, Switzerland. This house possesses an incredible function as it serves as an office for an architectural design company. It gives a new meaning to the term “house office”. Also it provides the community meeting space and it acts as link to a new adjacent residence. However, the design of this adaptive re-use project was born initially out of a design competition which was initiated by the city of Muttenz/Basel. Nevertheless this stylish contemporary residential structure juxtaposes with the historic building.

In retrospect, the original farmhouse was constructed in 1743. While the new design aimed to provide a fresh interpretation to the existing traditional features of the historical farmhouse building. The goals were successfully achieved by creating the new openings for natural daylight. And the designer used a crisp white finish in the interiors which is placed against the texture of the old wood. In this way, the spaces here were open up, overlap and merge together with one another. This is organized with the master bedroom and guest bedrooms on the top floor.

While the kitchen, dining and living area are found in the ground level. Below the ground level is the children’s bedroom with a ramped outdoor backyard terrace which is leading up the ground level. This project stressed the sustainability considerations. It includes the maintenance of an energy-efficient building through the use of current MINERGIE (energy sufficiency) construction standards. It also utilized the solar roof panels and choice of sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood for the building. This restored the existing architectural elements as possible. Now let us check the images of this renewed Kirchplatz Home Office through the collected images below.

Kirchplatz Office + Residence Front

Here is the front view of the house where you can clearly distinguish its different levels.

Living Room

Take a glimpse of these stoned walls as you can also take the opportunity to have a peep in the white stairs here.

Dining Room

In the morning, the natural daylight is always welcome to enter this amazing dining area where the first rate furniture is seated.


The volumes and curves of this wooden materials used in this kitchen are noticeably pleasing to the eye.


The combination of the white paint and the wooden materials utilized here sum up the elegance of this bathroom.

Kirchplatz Office + Residence Front

This is the perfect spot where the clients can unwind and relax while looking at the astounding panoramic view in the exterior.


The black paint used in this shower room plays an important role in maintaining the elegance and luxury of this space.

Sliding Door

The sliding glass doors in this area provide a great connection from the interior to the exterior of the house.

Exterior design

The incredible landscape and the natural lights from the sun is displayed in this exterior where the clients can freely inhale the fresh air.

Interior design

You may see the simple plain color used in this interior while the stairs are capable of leading the office and the living areas below it.


This is one of the astonishing features that highlighted the European studio built in the interior of the house.

lawn area

While at night time, you can still observe that this house is confident of its charm because of its lights.

house lighting

This really features the difference between the original farmhouse into a customized home office.

Kirchplatz Home Office

This residence stands out in the middle of the green landscape and imitable lights seen in the interior.

Indeed its design is intended for a new single family. It shows the new and the old fashion design sharing the common materials. It has distinct expression between the modern and historical features that will surely amaze the clients. It also provides a European studio since the designers of have experienced to create offices for themselves in an 18th century building in Northern Switzerland. They prepared windows in the house to bring extra daylight in the white-washed offices on the upper level of the house. It connects to the ground floor with a metal-framed spiral staircase.

Thus, this Kirchplatz Residence Office was successfully renovated by the Oppenheim and Huesler Architecten. This new timber-clad house is screened behind the existing building. It has two storeys house above the ground floor as well as one below. One side of it is recessed at the back, as it creates a terrace that is framed by exposed structural columns. So as the sustainable materials and features revealed here, we can say that this house with an office is an ideal design for businessman and other people who work at home. So if you are one of these people, you might as well enjoy having the same house design like this. What are you waiting for?