A Look at Switzerland’s Eccentric Lake Lugano House

Owing to the precise topography of the location, this villa is composed of two volumes which are organized on different levels. With 350 mq this house lies on the slope of a hills and seated on the shore of the Lake Lugano in Lugano, Switzerland. The reason why it is called as Lake Lugano House is due to its location. This house has a polygonal shaped glass pavilion with rounded edge that stands above a linear underground block. While the living room and dining room, the kitchen and the storage spaces are located in the pavilion. Then the bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage as well are located in the lower level of this house.

Each level of the house connects itself with the independent outdoor spaces which are closely related. As you can see the glass pavilion in this house overlooks the two much defined areas in this house. The first toward the mountain is a very private zone which resulted in the area between the property line and the building setback line. It is according to the local building code. Meanwhile the second is a garden overlooking the lake. Likewise, the bedroom faces a garden which is enclosed by the facade and the perimeter wall. In fact the ring obtained between the perimeter wall above and the pavilion that amplifies the interior space is much larger than what it is.

However, the ring-like space that embraces the building on the north side is able to grant a constant ventilation and natural light to the living areas. Also it is due to the white cladding of the perimeter wall and white gravel which reflect the sunlight coming from the south. Another, there is a night-time artificial light scene which is the ideal reverse field for the lake panorama. There are lots of amazing features of this Lake Lugano House can offer. Now are you ready to discover more of the eccentric areas of this house, why don’t you see the images below.

Lake Lugano House design

This house seems like sparkling in the middle of the night because of its centralized imitable lights that surrounded it.

Switzerland home design

In the morning, this simple house which is made of glass maintains its elegance despite the plain palette used in the interior.

lake house design

The sun’s rays can straightly enter the interior of the house because of the walls that is made of glass.

Living Room

This chic living room gracefully presented the luxurious furniture and high technology equipments.

Interior design

This dining area and kitchen spaces confidently displays the clean and neat interior of the house that is really pleasing to the eye.

Dining Area

As you can see this furniture is carefully arranged in this area where the clients can surely view the landscape outside.


Even in this bathroom, the high rated furniture and fixtures are utilized by the designers to maintain the elegance of the house.


The plain and simple palette of the walls, ceilings and the mattresses are applied in this simple bedroom.


The lines, curves, and volumes of the house is seen in this space as it freely creates a connection between the interior and the exterior.

indoor lighting

During night time, the amazing interior of the house is visibly seen from the glazed walls of the house.

Lake Lugano House

This is the perfect spot where you can clearly see the incredible effects of the lights in the interior.

Lake Lugano House design

The house is seated in the heart of this Lake Lugano where it can manage to stand out among the other houses here.

Well, all the additional purpose of the pavilion is enclosed in a central lacquered wood block which serves as the sort of thick penetrable wall. It separates the kitchen from the living room without isolating the space with doors. Situated in this area are the powder room, the kitchen, the stairs, the bookcases, all the mechanical systems and the technological and audio-video equipment. However, highlighted in this house are the environmental aspects such as the utilization of the geothermal energy, roof gardens, and the rain-water collection system. Not to forget the choice of highly efficient low-emitted glass insulated with argon gas to optimize the thermal efficiency of the shell.

And the usage of the natural sun shading that serves as the placement of deciduous trees in the south-west area of the building. Thus, this surprising piece of architecture that is made of glass is smartly created by the designers from JM Architecture. Indeed, the designers were able to build the house that takes the full advantage of the spaces. As well as the refined, pure and timeless architectural lines that meet with the most advanced technology to present a charming combination of exceptional aesthetic elegance, utility, and comfort. Yet this Lake Lugano House is one example if you are interested to have a small, simple and innovative house. What can you say?