The K4 House Renovation in Sydney, California

Some homes need renovation depending on the purpose of the homeowners. Most of them just want an update while others want to add some new spaces in the house with their increasing need. Today, we will feature another house that underwent renovation. This house is called K4 House located in Sydney, Australia. It is gifted with wonderful views as well as a beautiful exterior and interior.

This house result of an extensive renovation to a modest but elevated harbor-facing property. An additional floor was added which allows the homeowners to get an expansive view of the Sydney Harbour. One feature in the house that is impressive it its New York style lounge bar which had luxurious finishes and bespoke joinery items. An integrated leather bench seating is also included as well as a marble-clad bar area. The double volume entrance zone of the house creates a visual connection between the entry level and the upper floor.

Bruce Stafford Architects

The exterior of the house looks humble with its simple lines that pull off a modern look.

California home design

Glass walls are really good to give a better environment to a house for it allows natural light to get in.

K4 House

Well, even the dogs love this home because of its open layout. Note also the gorgeous furniture used in this house.

House Renovation

Seen here is the kitchen island as well as the openness of the house. You can also spot a modern fireplace in the living room.

Sydney home designs

A hallway will not be boring if a dramatic pendant light is added.

home mini bar

The home bar has this glass wine rack at the back which gives more highlight to the wines displayed on it.

kitchen area

The kitchen area also has a sofa where the homeowners can lounge and rest while waiting for the food.

cabinet design

This is one good design for a cabinet. It looks very modern too!

working design

This working area is simple and everything is well kept from books to other stuffs.


While this one is one area in the bedroom which is also designed based on functionality.

K4 House

A pretty bathroom with marble wall. It may not be spacious but it sure can provide the comfort the users need.

The Bruce Stafford Architects worked closely with the owners of the house especially in choosing the interior finishes. This way, the overall architectural design matched their personal vision for their home. The work was done really well from the exterior up to the interior. We love how airy the environment is. It actually looked like a vacation home for the family.