JC House: A Modern Trapezoidal Home in Portugal

A modern home that plays with geometric shapes sitting on a sloping trapezoidal lot.

Geometric shapes are greatly used for exterior designs of different homes. Most of the time, it can be seen combined together in modern homes with sleek lines. Some homes even use unique shapes or irregular shapes that make a distinct looking facade. Apart from shapes, materials of various kinds are also combined together creating texture and pattern for the home. Even plants add to the beautiful look of a home as well from tall trees to shrubs. No matter what shapes are used in the architecture of a home, it will still look amazing for sure especially if the design is well done.

What we will see today is a home with trapezoid which stands on a trapezoidal lot. It is designed by JPS Atelier located on a hillside near Lisbon, Portugal. If you will look into the design of the home, it stands on a sloping area. Instead of being a hindrance to the look of the home, the location actually added appeal to it and made it look very interesting. Others may think that it is hard to work on homes on a hillside but that could actually be solved with a creative design just like other hillside homes we have featured before. Another good feature of the house is the use of glass for the windows and walls that allow natural light to enter it. Let us take a look at the design of the house below for its exterior and interior.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Designer: JPS Atelier

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Three-storey

Unique feature: A modern three-storey home that played with geometric shapes featuring rectangles and trapezoids. It also has a transparent appeal with the use of floor to ceiling glass. Apart from that, the home is located on a hillside that made its design look more challenging.

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The house looks modern and distinct as it play with various shapes particularly with rectangles and trapezoids.

JPS Atelier

The home is located in one of the highest points in Oeiras, Portugal, with a view over the Tejo river and the Atlantic ocean.

modern home

The property lot that the home sits on has the shape of a trapezoid which made it challenging to design but it also formed the concept for the design of the project.

JC House

You can observe the different shapes used in the house in this image which makes it unique and beautiful.

JC House design

Even the fence of the house is aligned to the slope of the location.

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JC House bird's eye view

When viewed from above, this is how the house looks like along with its surrounding landscape. Isn’t this a unique home?

JC House landscape

Since the house has a modern design, the landscape is modern too. Seen here are white walkways that are lined with bushes and trees. Looking really nice, right? It even complements with the pool just above it.

JC House pool area

Once a house has a pool, it really looks very beautiful no matter how simple the design of the pool is. Adding the coolness of water gives a home a different appeal.

JC House pool

This is the pool area of the house with a wooden deck. A simple rectangular pool can also look lovely when dramatic lights are added. And look at that view! Very stunning indeed!

JC House living room

The living area has minimal items in it. Since it is not crowded with furniture, it looks easy to the eyes and it appears very relaxing. Notice the comfortable modern sofa paired with a simple looking table where the TV is being placed.

JC House kitchen

The kitchen has an island that is attached to one side of the wall. Like other areas of the house it also used glass for its floor to ceiling window. The combination of white and wood looks lovely.

JC House bedroom

The bedroom also overlooks the outdoor space as well as the ocean. Even the homes around the area can also be seen from here. Take a closer look at the window and you can see that a shade can be rolled down for privacy.

JC House bath

The bathroom has wooden flooring as well as a white bath tub and a vanity with a beautiful modern design combining a white countertop and wooden materials. The view from outside can be seen from this area.

Lovely modern home, right? The architecture of the house is impressive. It is like a shape was placed on top of another shape. Very interesting indeed. Aside from the exterior, the interior is also relaxing and calm with white walls and ceilings. The furniture of used here are of high quality and has a design that perfectly fits a modern interior. The house is designed by JPS Atelier who successfully made a home suited to the needs and demands of a client. I applaud the designers for being able to create a house with a beautiful design despite the challenging location and lot shape. Aside from being trapezoidal, it is also on a sloping lot. How about you, what is your opinion about this house? Let me know in the comment section below.