10 Home Decor Make-Over Tips for a Fresher Look

When you came home and you realized that the décor looks a little weary, then you can try to do some home makeovers. You do not have to remodel your entire house in order to renew the look. Also, you do not have to spend so much money for a makeover. Well, some people really opt for major home changes but it doesn’t mean that all of us needs to do that just to get a new look. You can still bring more life to your dull room by doing some simple steps.

You do need to be an expert in order to create a home makeover. You just have to be imaginative and creative. Express yourself in your home design by using your ideas and by letting it suit to your taste and personality. Doing this can make your makeover work more fun and fulfilling. Here are some tips to help you redesign your home for a fresher new look.

1. Clean your home.

Clean your home

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This is something that one has to do every day. But if you want to create a great makeover to your home, you start by cleaning it. Take away clutter like newspapers, magazines, and anything that are not in its proper places. You may add some storage spaces for some items that do not have a space anymore. Clean your decorations and accessories to create a fresh beginning.

2. Have a focal point.

Have a focal point


Your home will look more attractive if there is a focal point. Part of your make over is creating a focal point for a certain room. You can do that by painting a wall with a different color or having a mural or some patterns on it. Just see to it that your wall color and design will complement with your furnishings. Another way of creating a focal point is to place an interesting art work on the wall. You may also have a shelf with your favourite collection or a fireplace as the focal point.

3. Rearrange the furniture.

Rearrange the furniture


Place your furniture at interesting angles in front of your focal point. Create an area for intimate conversation. You can try arranging it away from the walls. When you are arranging your furnishings, always consider the traffic flow. Let there be enough room for moving around and see to it that traffic flow is directly through the area.

4. Use some rugs.

Use some rugs


Rugs can also add a great look to your home. There are different colors and sizes of rugs that you may use. Using area rugs can add a different feel to your rooms and can also protect your flooring at the same time. You can place a rug on conversation areas and tape it to anchor the area rug so that it will be kept in place and could avoid anyone from tripping over it. Rugs are perfect for the bedroom, living room, dining room, foyers and other areas of the house which you want to give a personality.

5. Add some green.

Add some green


If you haven’t placed some plants before, maybe it is time for you to do that. Choose plants of varying heights and species. Be sure that these are in good health condition and are well-trimmed. You can also use a vase of fresh flowers as centrepiece. This way, you are adding a breath of new life into your rooms.

6. Use new lamps.

Use new lamps


If you are still using your old lamps, you might want to use a new one to make it look better. You can still use your old lamp in other areas of the house. Using a new lamp can be a bold statement in the room which can relate to the personality of the area. Lamps can also allow you to set a mood in a room with various lighting options.

7. Add accessories and personality to your home.

Add accessories and personality to your home


Create a whole new look and impact by adding some accessories to give personality to your home. You can add some pictures and frame them in a new frame. You can place new accessories to the area like wall decors. You may also display your collection of some items. Even books can add a distinct beauty to your homes especially if you arrange them creatively.

8. Change your fabrics.

Change your fabrics


You are of course using fabrics in your home. Your curtains, your throw pillow covers, bed covers and furnishing covers are made of fabric. Change them to give an entirely new look. You are also giving your room a new life by choosing a new color for your covers and curtains. Let it is also reflect your personality and let it complement to your entire home décor.

9. Add new life to your walls.

Add new life to your walls


This can be more expensive but if you want to, you can try doing this. You can change the paint of your walls to make it look totally new. You can also try using some decorative wall papers or do some creative painting like faux painting. This way, you can surely create a grand home make over. You might also want to try to add some moulding into to your ceiling to give it more height.

10. Try new fixtures.

Try new fixtures


You may also try to use new fixtures for a home make-over. Try changing the color of your cabinet handles. You can also opt for new faucets, new lights, and others. Just see to it that those you will change are really worth it. Check your pocket also if you have enough money to purchase new fixtures.

You merely need your own imagination and creativity in order to get a new look for your home. Also, you do not need to do the makeover in just one time! You can do that by renewing your home décor one room at a time. This way, it would not be hard for you and you can also get better ideas for every room. After doing the 10 tips we have above, you will surely be amazed on how beautiful your home have become!