The Elegance and Eco-Friendly Design of C House in Paris, France

It is true that when we think of modern and relaxing areas in the house we cannot forget the swimming pool in our special list. The cool and fresh water in the swimming pool may truly ease our stress and let us feel the freedom from the stressful working hours in the office. That is why today we will be sharing to you a house design with the charming swimming pool.

I am speaking of the C House, a contemporary house situated near Paris, France. Well this house design is requested by a family that had its previous house built by a constructor. The homeowner is demanded to have a more deliberate architectural approach for this new house. They stipulated for an extreme customized and extraordinary design for this house. Let us see how the designer responded to the requests of the clients through the images below.

C House You may see the geometrical forms of the building truly proves its functions and significance in the entrance.

Eco-Friendly home Design See this tree planted in the heart of this exterior which adds attraction and life.

Paris houses France This hanged painting in the wall effectively break the white color of the dining area.

white kitchen Silver and white themed colors is highly utilized in the kitchen-dining areas that shows classy and sophisticated interior.

artistic interior design Take a glance on how these white threads make this interior dramatic and artistic.

living room fireplace At night the LED lights installed in the living spaces is enough to own a relaxing and elegant interior.

fire pit The smooth and soft sofa is highlighted together with the fireplace in the interior.

pool area The sun’s rays stressed the checkered tiles in the swimming pool which provides rough and heavy texture.

lawn area The form of the house building complements with the rectangular swimming pool in the garden.

swimming pool Definitely we can see that the texture of the tiles in the swimming pool harmonizes with the texture of the grass in the landscape.

indoor lighting When sunset comes, the luxury and elegance of the house areas are revealed with its glazed doors and walls.

wall painting The charming and astounding design of the interior is visible in the exterior because of the floor-to-ceiling glassed walls.

wall glass frame You may certainly perceive the lines and dimensions of the house which creates a different mood and character to the exterior.

living room light The vibrant lights installed in the interior as well as on its exterior define the romantic mood in the house.

C House The pool lights underscore the elegance and crucial part of the pool in the house garden.

I can also observe the sustainability featured in this house. The solar gain is regulated during summer by an extended roof and controlled by sliding indoor blinds. The temperature of the swimming pool is regulated by the solar panels on the roof. Also, there’s a heat pump which provided heat and hot water in the house. Lode Architecture effectively integrated the sustainable development methods in its design although we cannot see it from its appearance. This house truly achieves not just elegance but the eco-friendly design that many homeowners is dreaming to have.