State-of-the-Art Constructive Features of the El Mirador House in Mexico

Indeed location is very much important in having a more comfortable and elegant house. Available space for a great opportunity to view the lakes, rivers, sea or maybe the mountains is one of the most basic demands of the client. Today, we will explore the different amazing ideas and features of the El Mirador House which is specifically located in Mexico. This house is serves its purpose by being spotted in one of the land’s edges.

This El Miradors situated in an area where the symbolic lake of the place always captivates the homeowners in the neighborhood. Well, according to the designer that its projection was based on the forest where the pavilion was placed to the maximum. This truly fascinates the surrounding as well as diminishing its constructive impact. The designer made use of the recyclable materials in realizing this kind of residential houses. See how the designer takes the full advantage of the location to make this house becomes more attractive through the images below.

El Mirador House See how the location greatly influences the fresh and comfortable views in the exterior of the house.

Mexico The stable is also secured in the house to provide enough space for the homeowners’ animals.

State-of-the-Art Constructive Features Take a look at the lines and rough texture from the bricks and ceilings in this area.

outdoor couch The texture and pattern of the bricks as well as the wooden walls in the house building jives with each other.

transparent concept Glazed windows and transparency concept make way to the client to take the full advantage of the surroundings.

patio design Spacious patio in the house may fully enjoy by the homeowner every morning as they view the astounding panoramic scenes.

living room design Sustainable light is always accessible in the living space that reveals its elegant and high quality furniture.

kitchen island Wooden themed kitchen reveals its luxurious and contemporary look with the help of the installed LED lights in the ceiling.

kitchen lighting Examine how this unique lamps in the table complements with the plants and flower in the vase.

bedroom Floor-to-ceiling windows allows the homeowner to see the panoramic scenically views in the exterior.

wood plank design Let us take a glance on the accessories and decors in this wooden table that perfectly jives with the texture and patterns in the wooden wall.

black granite bathroom Round trendy mirror and the lamp in the powder area in this brown palette themed bathroom highlighted its luxurious and comfortable look.

balcony design See how the shapes and forms of the furniture blended well with the geometrical forms of the house terrace.

outdoor couch area Tall trees and lush vegetation in the exterior enhances the mood in the patio area.

El Mirador House Here is the Sketch Plan of the El Mirador House.

Captivating pictures of the different areas of the house are illustrated well with the help of Rafael Gamo. Moreover, the amazing interior design was done by the Habitación 116 and Entorno, Taller de paisaje worked on the landscape design. The overall classy and modern design of this house was successfully done by the CC Arquitectos and its team members with creativity and wit. We hope that you find more ideas and designs that you may apply in your future house someday.