The Unusual Layout of Can Frit Home in Ibiza

Homes aren’t just rectangles or squares. There are actually different shapes that you can see for a home’s layout. But that also depends on how unique the form of a house is. And the form of the house also depends on the lot and typography of the location. I know you have seen many home designs with a distinct design not just for the exterior but also for the layout too.

Today, we are going to show you the Can Frit homes which is designed for an English family from an existing finch. This house located on the Spanish island of Ibiza has an unusual layout and strange proportions which is the result of the topography of the land. Designers said that, “We used natural materials to complement the existing period elements in some areas, while the retro-modern cement tile flooring strikes a balance with the sandblasted juniper ceiling and central pillar of the main room.” You can see that the interior has a beautiful design as seen in the images below.

The interior is connected to the outdoor area which is made possible with the full width opening of the sliding doors that allows for a complete inside-outside experience.

Harrington Quebec Canada The reception space was unusually large with high ceilings and a large cast iron fireplace.

Can Frit The house has a welcoming design especially with the glass walls.

kitchen area Like the rest of the interior, the kitchen is white too with everything one needs for food preparation.

bedroom wooden ceiling The bedroom will make you feel like you are outdoors because of the tree trunks for the columns and ceiling.

bedroom furniture You’d really feel closer to nature while sleeping in here. Such a lovely interior indeed!

bathroom shower Even the bathroom has a similar feel as what we can see in the walls.

shower area But the shower area is neat and smooth with a minimalist design.

spiral staircase And look at how the different areas can be accessed- through this white modern spiral staircase!

Can Frit Outdoors, you will be treated to a relaxing spot with a panoramic view.

What can you say about this design by BOX3 Interiores? I love the mix of the interior from sleek modern features to nature-inspired ones. The colors were well chosen too from the interior to the outdoor area. Yes, despite the unusual layout of the location, the house turned out perfectly stunning!