Elevated Residential House in Blairgowrie by Wolveridge Architects

This beach house is owned by a juvenile family that once lived in the city but because they want to give a break from their city lives, they acquired a lot which is five minutes walk to the beach. The lot takes a pew on a top of a discomfited, inclining allocation on Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia. As the home’s groundwork is made of sand, the architects decided to dig out in order to construct an outsized under cavern since the house is surrounded with series of plants and the lower ground floor which serves as the commotion area. Then they used the pile up to create a north facing quadrangle at the upper level which result into an apparent single-storey, stumpy house.

The home itself is envisioned over four focal sections: it has two main living zones that are separated by services zone which is located directly over the rumpus room below. Another section is the semi-roof external living area which associates the interior with the landscape. Entrance to the house is outside, accessed through a garden path which is defined by a line of pillars constructed from rammed earth. The materials used throughout the home consist of recycled timbers, blackened plywood, and glossy heat treated mild steel.

blaigowrie residence The house is surrounded periodically by a series of plants and vegetable.

wolveridge architects Majority of the materials used is wood and steel sheet that is perfect for an open space design.

entry pathway As you can see through its entry the sand is scattered all over the area that serves as the primary medium for landscaping.

front yard The entry and the front yard are separated by a series of concrete panels that serves to be functional during activities.

deck porch The deck is the once that welcomes you when passing through the entrance.

outdoor space This deck is designed with timbers and is covered with patterned steel sheets that give a unique look to this area.

timber deck It would be very comfortable sitting on that lounge chair while experiencing the wonderful view afar.

living room dining table The living room is designed with a comfy couch that can be enjoyed especially when the fireplace gives off that warm atmosphere. And at the same time, meals can be enjoyed in that wooden table which is very stylish.

kitchen The combination of woods and black shades for the island table got a very modish look.

kitchen island By installing glass walls this kitchen got a superb design. And the idea of shelves in the island table makes your area organized as well.

kids bedroom If you wanted to put your children in one room bunk beds are a great idea for it.

kids wardrobe This is a modern design of shelves which is a very important piece inside your children’s bedroom.

master bedroom Black, white and yellow shades for bedding is a wonderful idea for a bedroom with wood materials.

wooden side table If everything in a room is made from wood, why not add a wooden side table/night stand with cool style that will complete the look of your bedroom.

book shelves Adding wall-mounted shelves is a great idea to conserve spaces in your rooms and at the same time gives an additional design to your plain walls.

bathroom sink This idea of this bathroom sink can also give you a more functional space.

free-standing bathtub A free-standing tub can be enjoyed more with a shower installed above it.

barbecue timber deck A barbecue deck is an ideal space most especially during family bonding.

concrete panels This concrete panels serves as a functional spaces where you can plant, enjoy sandpit and a shower area.

black panels This black panel serves as the fence that gives privacy for the house.

This house clearly defines the territory between public and private spaces that provides crossovers and transitional spaces. The Wolveridge Architects are epigrammatic to provide the family a home that would make available of an ample outdoor spaces for their kids and friends, and at the same time the house must contains a feel that is far from the experience of a busy city.