Fashionable Design of the Anderson Pavilion in California

Do you believe that wooden materials are important in building a comfortable and modern house? Well, personally I believed that in order to have a comfortable house, wooden play the most significant role in making the house structure comfortable and modern. We can see that in the latest architecture in different parts of the globe. Today we will see the vital ideas that wooden elements functions in the success of this modern house.

This house is named as the Anderson Pavilion built in Modesto, California. The front area of the house reveals the 1923 bungalow. This provides a garage good for two cars, an entertaining pavilion and a guest suite. The use of the existing wooden materials helped in the transformation of the old house into a modern house. Let us see more of the other inspiring areas of the house through the images below.

Anderson Pavilion As you can see the concrete materials harmonizes with the texture of the wooden elements in the front area.

California homes Let’s observe how the traditional wooden elements graced this two-car garage.

Fashionable home Design The exclusive functions of the forms and figure of this house is underlines here.

rustic exterior design The sole texture and patterns of the walls in this building is stressed in the entrance.

rustic gate You may be captivated as this open door seems to invite you to explore more of the interior.

rustic stairs A modern and distinctive design of the stairs in this garage area may surely wow the clients.

unique fireplace design Inimitable design and shapes of the furniture is maintained in the living space of the house.

jacuzzi area Here is the most relaxing area of the house where the client may take the full advantage of the green trees outside.

living area The lights installed in the ceilings are highlighted with this fireplace set at the heart of the living-kitchen space.

kitchen The rare design and style of the lamp in the kitchen sink provides elegance in the interior.

bedroom sliding room Let’s examine how the designer chooses the design and type of this modern sliding door that fits the bedroom’s theme.

bedroom See how this pink bed sheets complements with the other accessories in the bedroom.

rusty wall design Take a look at these amazing stairs displays its exceptional design.

garden design The lights all over the area that underscores the crucial part of the sculpture and lights in the garden.

Anderson Pavilion At night, we can never deny the effective use of the lights to emphasize the design and modern concept of the house.

We have explored the different inspiring ideas and elements of the house such as the wood for the floating fireplace. This is elevated to the second floor from the garage in a wood elevator which is housed inside a 3 foot diameter central steel support column. This wood box elevates through the second floor and lifts the “fire plate” up into the floating “fire hood”. I really consider this as one of the best feature of the house design successfully made by the Miller Design. I hope that you also enjoy the designs and functions of wood elements in this Anderson Pavilion.