Vanishing Vistas Stressed in the ARA Residence in Atherton, California

We all know that a house is one of the best investments. Definitely, we tried to engage in the business that will gain more profit. With that we need to consider the best house design that would be saleable in the market. Today we will be showing you a house design that is surrounded by mature oak, pine, cedar, walnut and birch trees. This has a bordered by 20-foot tall hedges along portions of the property lines, the setting provides total privacy from the neighboring houses.

This house provides extreme privacy that the clients requested from the designer. Most of the clients and home buyers consider privacy as one the biggest factor that will provide comfort and convenience. This house is named as ARA Residence which is specifically located in Atherton, California. Wood, concrete and glass materials are the main components of this house that made this house achieve its modern concept. Scroll down the page and witness the different areas of the house through the images below.

ARA Residence See how these durable materials in the house building emphasize the brilliant ideas and concept utilized by the designer.

Vanishing Vistas Stressed Beautiful landscape together with tall trees is offered in the exterior especially in the front area of the house.

Atherton California Geometric forms and dimensions are highlighted especially in the morning.

lawn area Lines and flawless texture of the edifice are highly observed in the exterior.

main door design Rough texture of the walls, door and floors are displayed in the interior as you enter the house.

living room fireplace Soft and beige color of the sofa relates with the color of the walls and ceilings of the house.

living room design Neat and comfy space for the living room is ensured by the designer to feel the privacy and charm as well.

interior design Colorful accessories accentuate the interior that speaks of elegance and sophistication, right?

kitchen area Stainless steel and smooth tiles used in the kitchen stressed its modern design.

patio From the kitchen, the client may enjoy the sight of the patio as well as the green plants in the garden.

staircase glass railing Glass frame in the staircase helps in displaying the clean and wooden elements in the interior.

wooden flooring In the second floor of the house, you may witness how the natural light accesses the interior for the unique design of the roof.

window couch In the second level of the house, this space is intended for the homeowner to sit down and enjoy the panoramic views outside.

open ceiling The unique designs of the structure also speak of sustainability that reduces the electricity consumption in the morning.

swimming pool design Here is the best zone in the house where the client can take the full advantage of the cool water in the pool and the fresh air in the garden.

outdoor lighting Vibrant lights installed in the front space underlines the importance of the plants and the details of the materials to make this house private.

ARA Residence Different dimensions and areas of the house are visible even at late afternoon for the effective lighting system used by the designer.

As we have seen in the photos of the indoor and outdoor above, we can feel the sense of privacy that the designer is trying to emphasize here. The Swatt | Miers Architects successfully incorporate the details of the house design to the available resources in the surroundings. The house materials were effectively used to come up with a modern and private family residence in California. We hope that once again we have provided you another set of inspirations that would be applicable in your future house design.