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Beautiful Brazil Hillside Home Integrated into Its Surrounding Landscape

  • Jan 31, 2016
The location of a house is always a challenge for many designers especially if it is on a sloped area or a hillside. Others would be near a body of water or there could be trees that cannot be cut… Read more

Modern Apartment Interior in Brazil for a Family of Four

  • Dec 15, 2015
An entire family including those with kids can actually occupy a home no matter how small it is as long… Read more

Casa MP: Modern Country House in Brazil Located on a Steep Plot

  • Nov 26, 2015
Although it is challenging to design a home that sits on a hillside or in a steep sloping plot, many… Read more

Casa Lara in Brazil Features Hidden Spaces and a Rooftop Party Area

  • Nov 22, 2015
I have that interest in homes which have some impressive hidden spaces. There are hidden storage areas and rooms which… Read more

Brazil’s Mororo House Combines a Transparent and Opaque Block

  • Sep 22, 2015
The Mororó House is located 180 km from São Paulo, which is a mountainous region of Brazil and is known… Read more

Quinta da Baroneza House in Brazil Features a Wooden Lattice and Unique Interior

  • Jul 19, 2015
For me, a house with a beautiful view is indeed a blessing to the owners. It is not every day… Read more

Gorgeous and Neat Contemporary PV House in Brazil

  • Jun 30, 2015
I am not sure if you have seen the contemporary homes we have featured for your before but if you… Read more

Appealing Modern Toblerone House in São Paulo, Brazil

  • Jun 09, 2015
Modern homes have that unique design with sleek lines and are focused more on function but they all look very… Read more

Luxurious and Charming Design of the Interior in Casa Opus in Brazil

  • May 27, 2015
We all know that if we combine the best furniture with the modern and artistic accessories in the interior, this… Read more

Tremendous Design and Excellent Features of the An House in Brazil

  • May 25, 2015
Designers also consider the kind of weather in building the house in different parts of the globe. The client also… Read more