beach house

Stunning Beach House on Stilts in Australia

  • Jan 14, 2016
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Maroubra House in Sydney Features Brick and Concrete Materials

  • Jan 11, 2016
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Before and After: From a 1940s Cottage to a Contemporary Residence

  • Jan 07, 2016
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30 Esplanade: Contemporary Townhouses in Australia

  • Dec 27, 2015
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Cape Tribulation Home: A Dwelling in a Tropical Rainforest of Australia

  • Dec 14, 2015
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Traditional and Contemporary Elements Combined in the Balancing House of Australia

  • Dec 13, 2015
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MAH Residence: Modern Sleek Interior with a Sense of Balance

  • Nov 11, 2015
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Balanced Features of the Tower House in Victoria, Australia

  • Nov 09, 2015
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Intriguing Descriptions and Patterns of The Heritage in Sydney, Australia

  • Oct 21, 2015
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Before and After: Remarkable 1980’s Contemporary Duplex in Queensland, Australia

  • Oct 08, 2015
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