20 Modern Contemporary Black and White Living Rooms

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Whether on its own or together, black and white always make a bold statement. Their contrast makes rooms more beautiful and rather interesting. This color scheme is amazing because when designers or anyone actually, highlights something in the room, it would really stand out. Usually a different colored furniture or maybe even a carpet usually does the trick, but, the idea of having a living room in full scale black and white makes the whole room harmonize on its own. Amazing right?

We will be showing you a couple of photo ideas that you can choose from and maybe just admire for their timeless beauty. We’re quite sure that the color scheme we have in store for you is a classic and nonetheless, lovely. Black and white is the celebration of pureness and satisfaction. Their combination never tires people who sees what is beyond. Young and old, male or female sure has a thing for the yin ang yang of all colors. Take a peek at what we have in store for you. We have here a collection of 20 Black and White Living Rooms for your inspiration.

Alenquer Living Space

sala alenquer


Look at how disarming this room looks like? The printed walls look beautiful with the entire space. The contrast is totally amazing.

Living Room

sala black


We could really see how organized this room is. With the cabinets and drawers thrown around. A place for work and for rest.

Clean Living Room

sala clean


We all know how black and white can bring it right? This room sure did. With mixing the colors in an eccentric way and how the striped gray wallpaper made everything around stand up.

Living Room

sala living


Modern space is two small words that speak about this entire room. Great wallpaper that really matches the furniture and furnishings in this space.

JBT – Living Area View 01

sala jbt

CM John Cheng

Black glass panels behind the tv monitor sure contrasts well with the furniture in the room. CM John Cheng is the one to watch!

Living Room White and Black

sala davenso


This room tends to combine the masculinity of the furniture since it is too bold and at the same time feminine, because of the flower decor posted on the walls.

Living Room Black and White

sala caldona

Chris Caldona

This white-washed living room gives a feel of heaven as this is located by the sea. The focal point for this room would be the black and white striped area carpet that centers the space.

Condominium Living Room

sala condo


This living room is in condo wherein the owners wanted a touch of Japanese with the materials used for the design. Talk about themes.

Cream-Colored Inspired Living Room

sala cream

Abhay Singh

This room was lit by the cream colored furniture that stands out. As ever white was the main hue used for this room.

Night – Living Room

sala night


The night sky makes this room romantic with the fireplace matching it all up. The lamp by the window gives the room enough warmth you could almost feel it.

Penthouse Living Room

sala penthouse


The walls for the house along with the dining set were white but sure enough choosing black furniture made the living room stand out.

Living Room BW

sala bw


This room was designed for a high-rise condominium. The use of gray for the combination of black and white gave a contrast that makes this room beyond modern. Even the striped flooring looks adorable.

Just a Living Room

sala just


Looking at this picture, we can say that the green day curtain sure made a difference for this room. With big furniture and modern appliances, this room sure looks homey.

For Me

sala forme


Darth Murda sure made this room a charmer. The unique wall details, the decor, and the lights choosen is really chic and almost feminine.

Lounge 1

sala boom


Placing real plants in the living room sure gives life to any room. The wall decor sure captivates any audience with its beauty.

Living Area, 3Dmax

sala 3Dmax


Amazing how it is basically just the throw pillows on the couch that is black but totally nailed it. The use of wood makes this place a haven.

Living Area

sala Sharon

Sharon Stock

This may be the second living room we have shown you in this article that has a unique wallpaper that highlights the room. The incorporation of metals made this space rock contemporary designs.

Type A2 Living Area

sala A2

CM John Cheng

Gray walls, white furniture and wood tv console. What more could you ask for? Great choices on the furnishings such as the huge vases on the side and the wonderful chandelier.

White and Black Living Area

sala wb

Miguel Villa Guillermo

They say things look better in black and white, when you look at this picture, we can imagine why. This room looks chic and modern and eccentric all at the same time.

White and Black

sala BW

Geometrix Design

This room sure is modern and eclectic. The aura that the zigzagging ceiling sure gives us a statement of modern eclectic.

We can go on and on and show you more pictures that will make you even ask yourself if too much beauty is allowed here on earth. But one thing for sure we can tell you : the living room ideas we just showed you sure made our day. We hope that the photos above give you inspiration as to how to design your living rooms with the classic black and white pieces and matching them with other stuff like printed area carpets, different colored day curtains, modern furniture and furnishings. Honestly, the possibilities are endless since black and white is always in style and a crowd favorite. More fun ideas soon on the website to spice up your living rooms.