Sticks and Stones House: An Architect’s Passion, A Homeowner’s Aspiration

  • Aug 26, 2017
Have you ever heard of a residential project made up of sticks and stones? Yes, it is not just a residential project, but, a residential architecture that fulfills the architect’s aspirations as well as the home owner. A house overflowing… Read more

Stunning Beach House on Stilts in Australia

  • Jan 14, 2016
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When we hear about beach homes, what comes to our minds at once is a nautical themed space or a… Read more

Traditional and Contemporary Elements Combined in the Balancing House of Australia

  • Dec 13, 2015
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It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you use a modern design, you can no longer combine it with other styles.… Read more

Prevailing and Unexpected Features of the Remodeled Waterfront House in Sydney

  • Apr 17, 2015
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Property innovation and development is one of booming business in Australia. Many investors buy existing houses in the luxurious location… Read more