25 Finest Designs of Above Ground Swimming Pool

These above ground pool will allow you to bring more beauty to your outdoor pool area.

Aren’t you getting used with traditional way of designing your swimming pool? Do you want a design that is something new or something fresher? Oh well then, I have it for you today! I’m talking here about above ground swimming pools. I can feel that you will love these newest designs and surely will be excited to install one for your abode.

Well I assume you already know why it is obviously called above ground swimming pool. These pools are installed inches higher to the actual level of the ground (it’s like floating on the ground). Some installer says that an above ground swimming pool is much easier to install. And what’s even better with this? If you’re on a tight budget then this type of pool must be your choice. It is much cheaper than an in-ground swimming pool. And the most important thing of all it is easy to maintain. So take a look unto this collection of designs that I have for you. You might just want to have an idea or can be an inspiration for your planned swimming pool.

1. Richardson St.

above ground swimming pools

C.O.S Design

The available space for the pool may be limited but having this unique contemporary design just nailed it!

2. Rough Hollow

fountain effect

Cornerstone Architects

The design really looks elegant. It gives life and offers a lot of relaxation to outdoor living.

3. Madison Residence

rock paver

Christensen Landscape

Its design is perfect if you’re planning a beach-style inspired swimming pool.

4. Classic Pool

waterfall effect


By adding some specials effects for your pools it enhances its design and making it more enjoyable.

5. Berwick Lap Pool

long lap

Aloha Pools

Lighting is an important accessory for your pool. It will look more vibrant thus engaging you to dive in.

6. Dahiya

raised landscape

Lewis Aquatech

A beautiful landscape counts when we speak about overall look for the pool.

7. Winflo Cabana and Pool

white tiles


What matter is not the size of the pool but the cleanness you feel when soaked under.

8. Infinity Edge


J. Tortorella Group

Above ground pool must have a water system that manages the spilled water.

9. Tuscan Villa

Mediterranean inspired

Studio H.

Surely with this size of pool you can host a party that everybody will get to enjoy.

10. New Zealand Contemporary

glass panels

Alka Pool

One of the pros for an above ground pool is that it can be installed easily, simply like this.

11. Custom Concrete

Harwood deck

VC Decor

Decks are great idea to install for this type of swimming pool.

12. Casa Gomez

sea view

SO Studio

A pool that overviews a sea or lake or any view connected with nature feels very relaxing.

13. Kooyong Residence

above ground swimming pools

Matt Gibson

Make sure to provide step stairs when you have a height like this for your pool.

14. Shellcove

translucent barricades

Peter Glass & Associates

Transparent glasses can be used as blockade to prevent the water from over spilling.

15. Hawthorn East

glass wall

Aloha Pools

Funny thing! You can never play hide-and-seek with a pool made of translucent glasses.

16. Casa Olivi


Wespi – De Meuruon

It looks like this can be uninstalled right after every use. The features are very tricky to the eyes!

17. Private Residence

bizarre shape


I think a pool would be more eye-catching when you think of eclectic shapes which make it bizarre.

18. Kuba Residence

infinity edge

Urban Landscape

A pool placed in front of the house gives an imposing impression.

19. Mackey Ranch

ranch inspired

LaRue Architects

For me, I don’t care about the size of my pool as long as I have one to enjoy with.

20. Rathmines

glass fence

Frameless Impression

Contemporary pool these days are designed with translucent glass as barricades.

21. Greatest Pools

seamless edge

Pebble Tec

The wider the pool you the merrier it would be, right?!

22. Preacher


Selective Designs

This seems to be very refreshing in which the pool is likely covered with clear glass.

23. Sanctuary on Solano

curved edge

Bianchi Design

An infinity edge for a pool produces a very smooth and seamless design.

24. Custom Homes

pool slide

Vintage Building and Design

To fully enjoy the splash of water better add up a slide and a waterfall effect.

25. Pool

above ground swimming pools

Alka Pool

It is more attractive when you use tiles that create good effect when reflected with sunlight.

I know that some were fascinated with the designs. But somehow I presume that not all of you are hooked with it. Okay then, since we care a lot for our readers. I also have here designs of in-ground swimming pool that might be a useful insight for you, with anticipation that it can help you decide which is which.