15 Lovely White Themed Living Rooms

Today, we will be showing you 15 Lovely White Themed Living Rooms that will show us how much this color is used. Not only for living rooms as what our list today is all about, but in all the other rooms in the house – the kitchen is the best example, then comes the dining room, and even the bedroom! Toilet and baths may be also be an example since most of the toilets and baths that we’ve seen, especially in hotels are white!

These Lovely White Themed Living Rooms comprise of all the different styles that we know of, modern, contemporary, eclectic, chic, classic and even a touch of traditional! The design of the rooms may be different, the furniture may vary in shapes and sizes, but one thing’s for sure, these living rooms are as fascinating as when they have more colors in them!

White Modern Design

white living rooms

Marie Burgos Design

First in line is a charming white living room! The designer used modern furniture and decor to accentuate this space!

Beach House

Beach house design

Tara Seawright Interiors

Another example of a home by beach! White is a great color used for majority of beach houses that we know because this color brings out the beauty of any color or theme you want for your spaces!

Eclectic Living Room

tradtional design


This is one living room where tradtional design meets modern vintage style furniture!

Georgetown House

small seating area

Patrick Sutton Interior Design

This Georgetown Home is designed where a small seating area was placed in between two dining areas. A comfy place for reading!

Modern Living Room

furniture designs

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

How would you like a living space this huge? Adding the right amount of furniture and the best will definitely make one room as stunning as this!

Naked Decor

seating areas

Naker Decor

This is a great living room since the designer and the owner was able to combine two sets of seating areas in one small space. Adding pretty and modern decor made this room look bright!

Shelter Island

side tables

Schappacher White Ltd.

Using striped pillows, black center, and side tables did a whole lot of texture in this room. Notice how cute the area carpet is.

Wall Residence

white living rooms

Jamison Howard

Jamison Howard all-white home looks stunning when paired with tans and a few trimmings in black.

A Beach Cottage

vacation house

A Beach Cottage

How would you like going home to a beach cottage? Especially that it’s already summertime and looking at this pretty space? Who wouldn’t?

Miami Modern Living Room

luxury design

Claudia Lujan Interiors

This modern living room is a great example of how spaces look like in the parties of Black Label or something of that sort – something you seem to only see in movies!

Pemberton Renovation


Cuppett Architects

This home is fascinating because of the blues and blacks that were used to accentuate the some white furniture, white walls, ceilings and carpet.

Contemporary Beach House


Shiela Rich Interiors

This might as well be how a contemporary designed beach house! Modern furniture paired with industrialized tables and customized fireplaces!

Fire Island in New York

white chairs

Bierman Design

Bierman Design may have their website in maintenance, but this room sure does not! Pretty, huge and comfy white chairs look stunning for a New York home!

Sweet As Candy Eclectic Living Room

chic living rooms

Sweet As Candy

We missed seeing chic living rooms here in Home Design Lover! So, here’s one for you guys! As we all know, most chic living rooms use white as their main color and just adds tans and eclectic decors.

Contemporary Cottage Remodel

white living rooms

John McDonald Company

We definitely love to have a home like this! Spacious, georgeous and definitely a stunner! Look at the baby blue striped pillows!

Were guessing that this list of 15 Lovely White Themed Living Rooms will be one of the most loved of all the lists that we have here in Home Design Lover! Well, the color white will never be out of style, it’s a very flexible color, and everyone loves it! For more inspirations check out our small living room decor ideas and leave us notes!