15 Stunning Red Kitchen Ideas

Red is usually associated with passion and its unpleasant counterpart, rage. But in terms of food, it is usually associated with hunger and paired with other colors.

The best example may be fast food chains since their colors are usually red, orange and yellow. We will be showing you pictures of kitchen designs since it is the place in the house linked to cooking, and where there is cooking, there is food!

Today we will be showing you 15 pictures of kitchen designs with a dash of red here and there to accent the room.

We are sure you’d love the designs since most of them are modern and it looks great with the classics – black, white and grey! Prepare yourselves and be taken away with the 15 Stunning Red Kitchen Ideas we have in store for you.


red kitchen ideas

ZG Group Cucine

The rich color for the cabinets of this kitchen is one example of how stunning modular kitchen is.


Stainless design

Stainless always go well with anything. But why does it seem that stainless was designed to be with the color red!


black and red

The beauty of the black and red combination never ceases!


red cabinets

ZG Group Cucine

This white kitchen is accented by the red cabinets in the far end of the room.

Crystal Cabinetry


Kleppinger Design

The design for this kitchen may be traditional, but this sure is beautiful!


devil red Scavolini Cucine

Who could have guessed the name of this kitchen suits it perfectly!


kitchen lighting

The cabinets dominated the entire kitchen which looks really refreshing!


red kitchen ideas

Scavolini Cucine

Dark color of red and dark walls make this room intriguing and at the same time regal.

Kitchen Main

red island

Cage Warp

This kitchen design sure beats modern and regal. The island with its unique stool makes this kitchen stand out!

Kitchen with Red Glass

Beige dining set


Red is one color that goes with anything! Beige dining set plus the stool for the island complements each other well.

Lucido Red Kitchen

glossy cabinets


This kitchen shines its way beyond beauty! The color of the cabinets, the walls and granite countertop looks great together.

Metropolitan Red



Simple as it may seem, this kitchen looks stunning in its minimalistic sense!

Red Kitchen

simple red

Diseno en Espacio

Another way of looking at a modern kitchen that is really homey!

Sistema Zeta

light gray drawers

Snaidero USA

This modular system comes in different colors. The shiny red color contrasts with the gray drawers.


red kitchen ideas

Snaidero USA

The gray walls complement well with the red modular kitchen of this Venus design.

As we all know by now, the kitchen is a perfect example of modular design which would mean we cabinet heights and sizes are standard – with that we can always mix and match the designs with each other since they follow the same sizes. The pictures above sure was stunning, sophisticated and with class. Passion was indeed shown and hominess of course was never taken for granted.