20 Modern and Functional Kitchen Bar Designs

In today’s generation, preparing food is already for everyone. Recipes and techniques are readily available online for people to see. Food enthusiasm has never been big than today. That being said, we will be showing you beautiful kitchens with mini bars that might inspire our chefs and chefs-at-heart.

These kitchens are only a few of the kitchens we saw around that might catch your attention. With their modern looks, catchy color palettes, materials and sizes, we think you might have an idea as to how you would want your kitchen to look like.

The kitchen variations we have below might be different in arrangement but the essentials are definitely there, like the fridge, range, sink, as well as the island of a mini bar with their stools.

Some of the pictures also show a mini dining area since in most houses that we now see, they are beside each other without division. Some of the kitchen ideas we have may also show a quick look of the outdoors which most people like, and we have the modern kitchen that is typical for singles who actually live alone but loves living alone with a great functional kitchen, have a look at the kitchen we have been describing for you.

01 Kitchen

kitchen bar designs


This white and blue ensemble showcases a look of cleanliness and boyish feel to the kitchen.

3D Kitchen

mixed cream


The beauty of the room is that the designer mixed cream colored cabinets with granite counters, a usual combination but in this picture we are able to see a loft-styled kitchen.

A Simple Kitchen

kitchen orange


A simple kitchen is an understatement for the name of this orangey kitchen. The combination of printed walls and orange cabinets and pendant lamps looks remarkably stunning.

Alenquer Kitchen

black floor tiles lighting


This modern kitchen made up of black drawers and floor tiles plus white counter-tops makes this room chic and a classic beauty.

Interior Modern Kitchen

nude colors


The design of this modern kitchen is nice with the nude colors that were used. This maybe one design of a kitchen a woman can really live in.

Kitchen 1

dining area


This is yet another design of a modern contemporary kitchen with the dining area shown in the picture as well. Black, white and gray blends really well.


wood and granite


In this design, we are able to see that wood and granite is a usual thing we can see in kitchens. In this picture we can actually see it always adds up.




This is a minimalist design of a modern contemporary kitchen. We are sure a bar always looks good in a kitchen for all its purposes served.




This room looks homey enough for kitchen by a tall building.


wood veneer


This bar made of wood veneer sure lights up this modern kitchen. The contrast with the colors of the bar and the kitchen area sure made it work.


kitchen bar designs


Isn’t this kitchen adorable with the island and the ceiling totally matching with nature on the background.


diagonal island


This kitchen has its island and bar not quite perpendicular to the counter-tops by the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets.


red cabinets


The combination of the colors in this room totally rocks it. The bold color of red makes the kitchen area fascinating.

Kitchen Thesis

dirty white cabinets


The beauty of this kitchen is that the color white makes this room look real clean and immaculate. White is always the first option for the color for a kitchen.

Maple Kitchen

kitchen lighting


The name of this kitchen is given because the cabinets by the counter-top is made from a maple tree. The material matches the grey-colored walls.

Minimal Kitchen



Grey walls and white counter looks divine in this kitchen. The apple green stools is a chaarmer in this room.

Personal Kitchen

curved island


The natural lighting for this kitchen makes this room even brighter with white and cream for the counter-tops and the cabinets. The bar color contrasts the room, plus it unique design makes it all cute.

Shaw’s Penthouse Kitchen

black island

Sama MJ

Another regular looking penthouse kitchen, all modern with expensive materials for the appliances and furnishings.

Sutami Kitchen

beautiful lightings


This is one of the classic designs we have in this collection. The creams and the whites surely make the kitchen a natural look and the addition of the red stools and pendant lights gives this room a sunshine.

Texas House Interior

kitchen bar designs


This kitchen-dining area is for a local Texas home, but from the looks of it, this is a common look for a kitchen area. The granite counter-tops may be a standard for kitchens, but this room sure looks great with it.

All in all, we believe there are more to come in our kitchen category for you to choose from. The variety of choices that we have showed you was a blast for sure. The colors, the materials and the furnishings in the kitchen as common as they are, the modern variations sure make it more interesting.