The Furnished Void: A White Home with Impressive Color Blocking

A white apartment looks lively with color blocking in its interior.

For sure you will all agree with me that colors has a huge role for making a space beautiful. Yes, there are many spaces that use white and black but you can notice how some pops of color could bring an exciting and bold accent to the area. Even white spaces look a lot livelier when a pinch of color is brought to the space through furniture, decors and others. Today, we are going to show you a white apartment that was treated with color blocking which made it look very beautiful and modern.

Paint, textures, and furniture give life to this flat in Barcelona’s Eixample which has a white background but it opens itself onto the streams of light entering through the windows. The cozy void of the apartment resolved to house and give prominence to a small but interesting collection of pieces of furniture, art and literature curated by its young owners. The young couple and their son live in this bright, colorful, resistant and fun space. Since there is a little kid in the dwelling, the designer made sure that the area will be toy-proof and kid friendly. Although there is a kid in the house, the designer wanted to make sure that it will be clutter-free while creating a playful and fun environment with the use of colors. So, despite the white backdrop of the interior, you can see many lovely and lively colors in the space. Come and join us with a brief tour of this 70 square meter home that the designers called as “The Furnished Void.”

Location: Barcelona

Designer: Egue y Seta

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Apartment

Unique feature: A white modern apartment looks livelier and lovelier with color blocking.

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To find a happy medium, the designers of this apartment in Barcelona, randomly color blocked small areas throughout the otherwise all white space and the result is very stunning just like what you can see in this living room.

Egue y Seta

Using bright colors like yellow, blue, and green, they injected the apartment with a fun vibe which is reflective of the young family living in it. It also made the area look more playful especially that the couple has a little kid.

The Furnished Void

Although the majority of the walls remain white, the use of an easy and inexpensive method to include pops of color brings the apartment to life, and creates a space that feels cheerful and inviting. I like the mix of furniture in the living area as well as the color blocking wall decor too.

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color blocking apartment reading space

You can see here an area which appears to be a reading space. On the wall is a black wall shelf that contains books and some collections of the owners.

color blocking apartment working area

On the other side of the wall shelf and reading area is the working area. Even in this space you can see color blocking too from the wall to the colors of the chair and decors.

color blocking apartment kitchen

Now this is the kitchen of the house. I guess this is located at the back of the home office because of the placement of the bicycle which we also saw in the previous image. The kitchen is all white in color with a painted yellow part for an exciting appeal.

color blocking apartment bathroom

From the kitchen, one can access the living area and the bathroom. What caught my attention here is the wooden wall decor.

color blocking apartment kitchen

The kitchen is small but it is well organized with many storage areas above and below the countertops. You can also see that the kitchen has modern equipment that could be used for cooking and preparing food.

color blocking apartment kitchen shelving

Hidden on the top row of the kitchen shelving is a tiny color blocked section of yellow. Even the kitchen items also used color blocking too which added life to the kitchen’s walls.

color blocking apartment dining room

Just off the living area is the dining room. It is just small and simple with a white dining table and wooden dining chairs. Above it is a silver pendant light that illuminates the space.

color blocking apartment bedroom

This is the bedroom that used different colors. Look at how they color blocked a section of the wall green in the bedroom which matched well with the colors of the bedding.

There is really something about color blocking that makes it very nice. For sure you have seen how color blocking is used in some home decors, fashion items and others. But using it for an entire apartment is very creative! This apartment that used color blocking is designed by – Egue y Seta and the look of the interior turned out really very modern and very beautiful. It is nice that the despite the white colors of the space, there are pops of colors everywhere. This resulted into a neat and lively space. So, what can you say about this apartment?