Colorful and Multi-functional Features of the Interiors in Trama Apartment in Brazil

There are many different amazing and stylish designs of furniture that perfectly jives with the accessories and even fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is quite true that if this areas in the interiors are empty we cannot say that it is comfortable and elegant. Today we will see how the designer remarkably create a more stunning, colorful and artistic design of the interiors. Well this house is an apartment with a 753 square feet which is situated in a newly built building in a new building in a new district of Brasilia.

This is better known as the Trama Apartment, according to the designer this house is originally distributed into well-defined environments which involves the living room, kitchen, laundry area, two bedroom and a toilet located in the social spaces. According to the designer, its new design should address the resident’s basic needs for fluid multipurpose spaces and at the same time will reveal the lifestyle and the emotional references of the couple. Let us see the different areas of the interior of this apartment through the images below.

Brazil interiors Colorful artworks in the wall made this living space charming and neat.

Trama Apartment The client also loves plants so the designer see to it that they can include it in the interior.

Multi-functional Features Take a look at this simple yet functional shelf that displays the different needs of the couple.

apartment interiors Beautiful contemporary dining room, right?

kitchen space Trendy white and yellow chairs arranged in this table harmonize with the stainless and wooden furniture in the kitchen space.

Wooden patterns Wooden patterns and lines are very important in keeping is neat and modern concept.

office space An office space is also one of the surprising features of the interior situated behind this sliding wooden wall.

clean office space Well-arranged and clean office space speaks of comfort and relaxing area in the apartment.

Well-lighted interiors Well-lighted interiors perfectly match with the bright colors and wooden accents of the furniture.

Trama Apartment Silver appliances balances the smooth and rough texture underlined in the furniture and the walls in the area.

Grey mattress Grey mattress of this bed complements with this three blue pillows that speaks of comfort, too.

bedroom Behind the walls of this bedroom is a built-in closet where the couple can smoothly arranged their stuff.

bathroom A limited space of bathroom may not be a hindrance for the designer to incorporate the bright colors and mosaic tiles in its floors.

Sky blue cabinet Sky blue color of the cabinet with the fabulous lighting system stand out in this white themed bathroom.

Trama Apartment Here is the Sketch Plan layout of the apartment.

As we have seen the elegant and fascinating spaces above of this Trama Apartment, we can see how the Semerene Interior Architecture focuses on the multi-functions and integration of the free spaces that are all adaptable in different scenarios of everyday life. Personally I like the neutral and natural materials namely wood and concrete as it highlighted the freshness of an urban beach that is common to the lifestyle of the Brazilian residents. We hope that you also like the interiors of this apartment that you might apply its amazing function in your own houses, too.