Eye-catching Interiors Set in the Private House in San Francisco, California

Beautiful white interiors with artistic cultural decors are featured in this captivating Californian home.

What does it take to own a private and elegant house in San Francisco, California? Today, we will see the city by the bay that is not at all surprising– home to some of the most important persons in town. This house belongs to one of the interior designer of Homepolish. Let us check how they build this house while drawing it from the city’s diverse cultural history. Maybe you have this in mind that what will happen if the designer is the homeowner, too? Well it is exciting and very challenging on her part. Benedetta Amadi, interior designer and one of the Homepolish’s 170 US designers became her own client when she designed her own San Francisco pad. Also this includes the complete changing the layout, renovating the master bathroom, new floors and adding built-ins.

Moreover, the result is pretty amazing where the light-filled home with subtle hues, modern and mid-century furnishings, and collected treasures from around the world. This elegant private home is spotted in San Francisco, California USA, and owned by Benedetta Amadi, an Interior Designer part of the team at Homepolish. In the interiors, there are photographs displayed in the living room by Lyle Owerko which depicts the Samburu tribe and were the only thing that Amadi and now her husband owns. We can see how these designers applied not just their knowledge and skills but the art of design and these results a luxurious, stunning and enchanting home. Scroll down the page to see the different areas of the house through the images below:

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Designer: Homepolish

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: The house project revealed the different amazing and extraordinary accessories that made the interiors stand out in other houses. The quality and great style of every furniture in this house exposed its elegance and charm.

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San Francisco See the different accessories that perfectly jive with the furniture in the living space. Green plants also enhances the look of the interior.

San Francisco Home Looking closely at the lamp set in the living space, we can see its trendy and stylish concept that fabulously improves the interior. Wooden cabinets display its remarkable texture that contrasted with the smooth walls and ceilings.

Paintings Patterns, lines and great design revealed in the furniture speaks of vintage and fashionable craft.

Accessories Stainless materials match well with the glass elements in the walls, doors and windows here. The different wine bottles also adds attraction in this space.

Interior design See how the luxurious accessories, crafts, pillows harmonized with the white walls, tables and transparent chairs set in this relaxing corner of the house.

Dining Space Green plants set in the corner of this dining space also adds life and breaks the plainness white concept of the interior.

Kitchen Silver appliances, fixtures and accessories set in this kitchen underline its modern concept and style. The high technological features of the appliances made this kitchen more functional.

Staircase Take a look at this glass framed staircase with the LED lights in the corner highlighted the modern and elegant style of this area, right?

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Furniture designs Vintage accessories also underline the vintage and modern combined concept in this space. The lampshade provides a romantic mood in this space that harmonizes with the color of the paint in the walls and ceiling.

Shelves A special space for the client’s books and other stuff is secured in this area near the bedroom that will be accessible for the clients whenever they want to read their favorite collections.

Bedroom The incredible shapes, warm colors, vintage lamps, and patterns found in the bed sheets in this bedroom emphasized its traditional and modern combined concept.

Bedroom design The connection to nature is still accessible here from the painting hanged in the headboard of this bedroom. Huge space is enough for the client to feel comfortable and relax.

Chair In this corner, the designer ensured a small chimney to help them feel the warm temperature during cold days.

Bathroom Hexagonal tiles from Cle Tile cover the bathroom floors and some of the walls which jive well with the color of the walls and ceilings. Trendy fixtures blended well with the huge mirror installed in this bathroom.

Sink Mosaic tiles pattern from a stunning wallpaper from Eskayel covers the second bathroom’s walls that illustrates nature and vintage design here. The designer ensure the special role of nature in making this house comfortable.

As we have seen the different areas of the house through the images above, we can say that the Homepolish exerted effort in making this house captivating and fascinating. The color white is very effective maintaining the cozy and relaxing appeal of the space. The brown leather Sirocco Safari chairs were purchased on eBay and made by Arne Norell. Every space in the house really displays the gorgeous and colorful accessories and furniture that made this house more comfortable. What are the features of this house that fascinates you the most?