PecherSKY Apartment in Kiev Features Copper Elements in the Interior

There are so many ways to decorate the home. One can bring in many decorative items or it can be enhanced with color. But before that, there are things that you need to decide.

What are these?

First, choose your color scheme. Then choose your style and decide what items you need for your home.

Simple, right?

When decorating, you can actually use metallic colors to add life to your home. Some prefer to add gold while others use silver or even copper.

Well, believe it or not, it has a big impact on the interior!

You will surely agree to this once you see the interior of the apartment that we will feature today. It is called the PecherSKY Apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Come take a look!

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Designer: YoDezeen Architects

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Apartment

Unique feature: The beautiful interior of the apartment features copper accents in its decorations and accessories.

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The project is an interior design and renovation of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The interior features copper design elements throughout.

YoDezeen Architects

The architects took two smaller apartments and transformed them into one large apartment. They did this by removing the walls and creating a large social area for the living room, dining area, and kitchen. There are a backlit copper shelves in the living room that compliments the copper accents around the wall mounted television.

PecherSKY Apartment

A closer look at the gray floor level sofa and the copper lighting on its side. These items are just simple but when put together, it looks beautiful!

PecherSKY Apartment dining

Two sculptural copper pendant lights hang above the dining table which helps to anchor it in the open space. The lighting has a big impact on the area.

PecherSKY Apartment kitchen

On the wall that runs between the living room and the dining area is another copper-lined, built-in bookshelf. There is also an alcove that’s home to a sculpture with a backdrop of a moss wall. Lovely!

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PecherSKY Apartment artwork

A closer look at the copper sculpture with a green wall backdrop. Don’t you like the concept of this one?

PecherSKY Apartment terrace

Next to the dining area is the kitchen which features black cabinetry. It is paired with copper details like wall panels, lighting and the faucet that helps to create a bold and contemporary appearance.

PecherSKY Apartment home office

In the home office, one can find copper shelving that adds a metallic touch to the grey walls. This is so beautiful, right?

PecherSKY Apartment master bedroom

Copper is also used in the bedroom wherein copper pipes are featured on the wall behind the bed. There are also hidden lighting that creates a dramatic yet relaxed atmosphere. You will no doubt agree with me that this bedroom looks like one in a hotel.

PecherSKY Apartment bedroom

In another bedroom in the apartment which used dark wood as an accent wall behind the bed. A single copper light hangs beside the bed, adding appeal to the area. It is also nice that you can see various textures in here from the wall to the bed.

PecherSKY Apartment ensuite

Seen here is the bathroom which has a partial wall with copper ends. It hides the bathroom from the bedroom, while keeping it open and spacious at the same time. Isn’t this a good idea for a partition?

Isn’t this a lovely apartment fromYoDezeen Architects? Although it is not very spacious, it has many features that you will surely love. Personally, I like the way the layout was done but what I love the most are the decors added in the area and how it used copper to add accents to it. For sure, many of us are fans of metallic colors in the interior since it brings glam and sophistication to the home just like what we can see in the images above. How about you, what do you love about this home? Let us know in the comment section below.