Hedge: Lovely Geometric Planters for Urban Gardens

There are many urban homes these days which do not have enough space for a yard or a garden. This way, having plants in the house is seldom being done especially for condominiums and apartments. But we have to give importance to plants because having them inside the home will not just give a fresh feel to our spaces but will also make is healthy. In truth, if you really want to add plants in your urban home, you can do it because there are many different ways to have a garden in your home- wherever you are.

And I’m sure that once you this Hedge planters, you will nod on what I said above about creating a garden in your home in whatever way you want and in whatever place or condition you are in. The Hedge has a beautiful geometric design that makes it a perfect accessory for a modern home. It can be used as a hanging planter to a wall trellis. This way, you can instantly create your very own garden oasis by combining different Hedges together. Your kitchen wall grow herbs or your patio can turn into a secret garden! You can definitely do a lot with Hedges!

Cora Neil These come in various colors which will make your home look more exciting.

planter It can be perfect as a hanging planter. You can even place it on windows!

Hedge planters The wall trellis is very beautiful! I’d love to have these cuties in my home!

triangular planters I’m sure even the plants would love to be contained in these lovely triangular planters.

large plant holders Aside from the large planters, you can also have mini ones that can be hanged on the wall.

Hedge planters Look at these cuties! These will look great on the walls of your homes for sure.

The frame and hardware of Hedge are made out of powder-coated steel while the base are made with a sustainable coconut and latex material. This can provide great drainage for drought-tolerant succulents and cactus, herbs, ferns, and any plant that thrives in a small pot. An amazing design indeed from Cora Neil! No wonder that it already exceeded its funding goal in Kickstarter!