15 Catchy Orange Dining Room Designs

The color that we will be featuring today got its name from the orange fruit. This color is commonly associated with amusement, the unconventional, extroverts, fire, activity, danger, taste and aroma, and autumn. We’re pretty sure you know what we are referring to – and you’re right, it’s the color orange!

For today, we will be talking about 15 Catchy Orange Dining Room Designs that will surely catch your attention. We love this collection because we see how we can definitely play with colors and how pretty orange can really be for a space. It can serve as accents, something you can choose for the furniture and of course, the walls! Take a look at the collection that we have!

Chelsea Loft

Chelsea Loft

Diego Alejandro Design

The orange chairs for the dining set sure sets the mood for this lovely dining space. Even the painting looks stunning with all the blacks and whites in its surroundings.

Eclectic Dining Room

Eclectic Dining

House to Home

Brighten up a neutral dining room with molten-iron orange stools and chairs. Use a mix of wooden and metal chairs for an eclectic look that’s functional as well as stylish.

Hermosa Beach House

Hermosa Beach

Timothy De Clue Design LLC

With wood being the main material in this beach house, using the color orange sure highlighted the beauty in all the textures used in this dining room.

Icon Residence

Icon Residence

DHD | Architecture Interior Design

This wall treatment looks stunning, don’t you think? It kind of looks like one side of a squash – the color complemented the blacks around it.

Modern Cottage Dream Home

Modern Cottage

Refined LLC

How would you like the orange comfy chairs for the dining room? The furniture sure is the highlight in this space since everything around it is grey and white.

Nashville Eclectic Dining Room

Nashville Eclectic

Jim Courtney CTS

Using a bright colored wall sure makes one space as interesting as its contents is. The green colored cushioned chairs for the dining set looks pretty in this space.

New Craftsman

New Craftsman

Kristin Drohan Collection

Orange and brown sure look together like white being with black. It’s a bit odd, but since orange and brown is almost of the same family, the sure complement one another.

Orange Dining Room Modern

Room Modern

House to Home

One of the most sizzling colours of the season can be paired with geometric prints or bold florals for a grown up confident look. Black and white also adds contrast and definition to the retro revamp.

Strauss Residence

Strauss Residences

Christian Gladu Design

We love the shade of the wall color that complements the red-orange area carpet. The brown dining room set sure looks in the space.

SW 45th Condo

45th Condo

Mosca Photo

The photographer of this dining room sure got a great shot as shown in this photo. We love how the angle was taken into consideration while using a fish-eye lens.

Tangerine Modern Dining Room

Tangerine Color

House to Home

Juicy orange tones combined with a pretty floral pattern create a vibrant dining room scheme. Teaming the orange with white and pale wood furniture stops the colour from overwhelming the look.

The Edge at Stapleton

The Edge

Wonderland Homes

This space is indeed a great example of a home which was basically made of wood. The orange wall by the stairs made this gorgeous space lovelier.

Vail Residence

Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

We totally love the pastel-colored chairs and the light colored walls and floors made this set stand out!

Western Springs Renovation

Western Springs

Normandy Remodelling

The conventional wooden dining set in a somewhat small dining space sure is simple, but adding an attractive color for your wall changes things!

Windsor Park Bauhaus

Windsor Park

Habitat Studio & Workshop Ltd

Look at how colorful the painting is which really makes the orange pop out! Really attractive colors!

And that was our 15 Catchy Orange Dining Room Designs which we are sure you’d love to try at home! Because we sure would love to try them in our own homes too! Hope you had fun checking them out! More to come in Home Design Lover! Also, check out orange living room designs for more inspirations! Have a great day!