15 Dining Rooms Decorated With Letters

There are so many ways to decorate a dining room or any space in the house. One way of doing that is to add some letters to the wall or on top of the buffet table or even on a mantle. These letters may be made from different materials and are interesting additions to a space.

Most of the time, these letters have a special connection to the owners. It could be the initials of their names or it can also form a certain word that is important for the family. You will see that despite different types of interiors, the letters fit just well. And the way the letters look could also affect the entire aura of the dining area. Come see for yourself!

Upper West Side Apartment

Upper West Dining Room Font

Wettling Architects

Layering giant letters that slightly overlapping on the other letter creates a stronger graphic statement than just arranging them side by side. For this dining area, its Q and A. Guess that’s question and answer, right?


Wayside Typo Dining Wall

Bryant Hill Media

Spread love to a dining room with lighted letters like this one. It sure looks beautiful especially with the textured wall and the colors of the dining chairs and placemats.


Leschi Dining Room with Letters

Bosworth Hoedemaker

The word therapy must be something important for the family. We think the letters are made from stainless. That is a bit pricey!

Trinity-Bellwoods Townhouse

Trinity Dining Townhouse Wall Font

Andrew Snow Photography

Well, what is consumed in the dining area? Food! The letters F-O-O-D were placed on the pathway that connects the kitchen and dining- two areas that are for food!

Dining Room with Typography

Dining Room Font Wall Idea

Shannon Malone

These letters look like cut-outs from scrapbooking paper and were clipped on the string. Doing this can allow you to change the letters whenever you want to! Cute idea, right?

Sky Loft Thin Brick Interior

Sky Loft Thin Brick

Coronado Stone Products

We love the look of this dining area especially the flat letters E-A-T and that wall art against the brick wall.

Bloomberg Tower Dining Type

Bloomberg Tower Wall Type Dine

Tara Benet Design

A modern minimalist dining room looked totally minimal that even the letter in it is just one huge X!

Florida Beach Cottage

Florida Beach Cottage Typo Dining

Village Architects

If your dining room wall has these blocks on it created from the wood frame, add some letters and it will look more interesting.

Michigan Barn

Michigan Barn Dining Room Font

Northworks Architects and Planners

The letters E-A-T are placed higher than the dining area but they are large and white making it impossible not to notice them.

My Home

My Home Dining typography

Mad About Your House

Adding only one letter to the wall will create a minimal yet creative appeal for a dining room.

Wildlife Typography Dining

Wildlife Wall Font Dine

Brooke Wagner Design

Who’s feeling lucky? Guess anyone who dines in this home feels that way as the green letters manifest.

Central Austin Residence: Interior

Central Austin Residence: Interior

Hatch Ulland Owen Architects

You can also mount one letter in this manner. Notice that it is inset the wall with a light.

Contemporary Mountain Asian

Contemporary Mountain Asian Dining Wall

Tkp Architects pc

We might not be able to read what these characters area but these are their letters of course.


Rosedale Dining Typography idea

Emily Griffin Design

Simple letters with a period at the end makes it appear like a command.

Jennifer and Chris

Jennifer and Chris dining room type concept

Whitney Lyons

Isn’t this cute? Just a simple letter M designed in a creative manner is added to the wall. We’d guess someone in the family has that initial for his or her name. Or maybe, their family name starts with M.

For sure some of us here are wondering if adding monograms or letters to a dining room will be nice. Well, based on what you saw above, it actually looks awesome! Just pick certain parts of the house were you want to place them. These letters could either inspire or remind the family of certain things that are important for them like love and gratitude. You can always think of what letters or words you want to add in your dining area. If you can’t think of any unique letters but wanted to showcase some plate collection instead, then out list of dining room walls decorated with plates is the perfect one for you!