18 Relaxing and Fresh Green Bathroom Designs

Are you having a hard time thinking what would be the best color or designs that will fit your bathroom? Well, there are so many things to consider in making your bathroom looks impressive. Not just its appearance but of course the comfort that will satisfy your needs. If you have a small size bathroom, the color that you are going to use will affect not just its appearance but its visual size as well. We can never deny the fact that it’s not easy to choose the best color that will suit your bathroom.

So if you have the desire to make it look larger you may need to use the lighter shade of colors like green. Soft green will work well to make your bathrooms become more refreshing and more spacious. Also the green color is said to be the most relaxing colors to be used in the bathroom. So now we would like to let you check the images of these Green Bathroom designs made by the brilliant designers below.

Green Bath

Green Bathroom Designs

Emely Jensen

The big window here allows the fresh air to enter this green bathroom.


green color


The green color of the wall complements the brown color of the furniture and sink.

Dryui Bathroom

shower area


The array of lights in the ceiling creates a brighter space though there is a division from the shower area to the toilet.

Delpha Green Bathroom Idea

black cabinet


The black cabinet as it combines with the green wall and mirror above the sink gives a contemporary look.


green ceramic tiles


The green ceramic tiles used here successfully make it cleaner and refreshing.


bedroom ideas


The lights in the ceiling seems like daylight intended for the flower in the wall.


shower design


You may notice the small area intended for shower as it tries to maximize this small bathroom.

Web Divine Stirrat

refreshing area

Divine Kitchens

Here is the refreshing area of this bathroom as you can see the glass door and walls that separates the shower area to the toilet.

Green Contemporary Bath

Green Bathroom Designs

Celia Berliner

The apple green color as well as the white marble spa bathtub displays the awe of contemporary designs.

Green Bath

relaxing area

Elena Gordeeva

Well you may say that the green wall in the shower area emphasize the relaxing area where you can shower and free yourself from stress.

Green Seated Shower

brown and green color

The mixture of brown and green color in this area perfectly shows the contemporary look of this bathroom.

Cadenza Green Bathroom Idea

Polka Dotted floor

Polka Dotted floor stressed out the light green walls and white tub and sink in this area.

Green Tea

plain green paint

American Standard

The plain green paint in the walls provides a cooling effect in this dark brown cabinets and furniture used here.

Art Design Solution

green floor Bathroom


The green floor as well as the apple green paint utilized in the walls of this bathroom provides a more exciting feeling to stay in this area.

I Guider

green kids bathroom


This bathroom design is made for kids who wanted to enjoy the bath tub as well as the cool ventilation here.

De Gournay

floral accent

De Gournay

The floral accent in the walls make this color closer to nature.

Master Bath in Green

green Master Bath


The sun’s ray can also enter in this area as it adds up the lights from the lamps installed here.

Green Bath Color

green materials


This seems like have a limited area but because of the green materials plus the wooden cabinet here still it gives a cooling effect.

Green Bathroom Designs


Here is the other angle of this area where you can see the shower area beside the urinals.

Subsequently, we can say that painting all over our bathroom with a green color will make a great difference on how it looks like and how would you feel when using it. Since the color green symbolizes nature and peace, it will surely provide you a very cool and a peaceful feeling. We are sure that you already chosen the best design for your bathroom. Certainly that design will reflect who you are. We hope that you have gained another idea from our featured bathroom designs above. Let us hear from you, too.